In-state hoss has Leach offer and great feet

SEATTLE'S MASON FRIEDLINE, who holds an offer from Mike Leach and Washington State, is something of an anomaly. You don't see a lot of 6-5, 280-pounders with his feet and speed. And not many 1A/2A prospects earn five early offers from Pac-12 schools. Among the more recent questions we asked the King's High prospect, what did WSU like best about him out on the field?

His footwork.

"They like my athleticism and footwork, those are the big things, especially for Washington State with the footwork because they pass a lot in that offense. Footwork is really important there with all the pass blocking they do in Mike Leach's offense," said Friedline.

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Friedline said he's not talking to any one school more than another these days.

"I'm spreading it around pretty equally, and I'm not at the point where I'm narrowing things down yet…. I've seen the most of the UW because it's so close to me; it's like, right there," said Friedline.

FRIEDLINE HOLDS OFFERS from WSU, Arizona, ASU, Colorado and UW, as well as one from Yale. Schools he's hearing from increasingly and that could be close to offering include Harvard, Stanford and Oregon.

He excels in the classroom, with a 3.8 GPA in a curriculum that includes AP classes.

"I'm definitely going to make a trip out to the East Coast, an all Ivy-League tour to see how life is out there," said Friedline, who also said he plans to visit Washington State sometime this summer.

Could he see himself eschewing a Pac-12 opportunity for an Ivy League school?

"It's definitely a possibility because the academic draw is so great, the tradition of those East Coast schools is up there, so it's definitely an option," said Friedline.

  • Friedline's best track events are the shot (personal best: 46-9.25), discus (126-02) and javelin (84-5). He'll also run a sprint on occasion, competing in two 400 meter relays last month.

  • Despite its small size, King's High has sent two notables to WSU in the last decade: basketball center Charlie Enquist (2008-12) and football center/long snapper Mike Shelford (1999-2003), who played a pivotal role at center in WSU's '03 Holiday Bowl victory.

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