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MIKE LEACH may have added another chapter to his legend. The Cougar head man is in Nebraska this week promoting his book, and just came out with a story and photo suggesting that he has sharpened his sword -- and autographing pen -- in a way that is both hilarious and subtly not so subtle.

If the letters "CJK5H" shown in the photo that accompanies this story were indeed penned by Leach while autographing Swing Your Sword, then it's official: He's going to hound notorious slanderer Craig James in every possible way until the proverbial cows come home.

Efforts by CF.C to reach Leach for comment were unsuccessful.

Writes Deadspin editor Timothy Burke: "Washington State football head coach Mike Leach isn't just inspiring possible new Friday Night Lights movies, he's also playing along with Internet memes referencing the nemesis who probably got him fired from Texas Tech. That's if this image is to be believed, and we have no reason to think it's a forgery."

Shortly after posting the missive, Burke updated it with a note that said, "We've received confirmation from several people who witnessed Leach sign this book with the CJK5H."

The acronym CJK5H corresponds exactly to an internet meme that has spread like wildfire over the Web ever since James started talking about making a run for the U.S. Senate: Craig James Killed 5 Hookers.

He didn't, of course (at least, not that we're aware of!!!), and everyone knows it. But that's beside the point. Memes -- also called Google bombs -- are aimed at causing grief, humor or both. By repeating the phrase on the Web through message boards and social media, search engines see a critical mass of word associations and start to autofill them when you type in a particular word, phrase or person's name.

The James hooker bombing spread to CF.C's message boards shortly after Leach was hired at WSU.

James went so far as to address the ongoing issue on his campaign website after he made his run for the Senate official. Of course, by referring to the meme, he also just fueled it.

WITH JUST ONE DAY left in ESPN's online vote to determine where the sports network will film its next commercial promoting College GameDay, it will take a Herculean effort by Washington State partisans to vault Ol' Wazzu into first. As of noon Eastern time Tuesday, WSU was a rock-solid third place, at 44,595 votes, but well behind front runners Texas A&M and Nebraska.

Both of those schools have more than 100,000 votes. To cast your vote, head HERE.

Interestingly, of the six schools in the nation that have received more than 20,000 votes in ESPN's contest so far, Texas A&M is the only one with an enrollment on its main campus -- 38,800 -- that is among the largest in the land.

Of those top six vote-getting schools, the closest in size to A&M is West Virginia with 29,000 students. Three others -- Nebraska, Clemson and Arkansas -- are between 20,00 and 25,000 students, while WSU -- at 19,255 -- is almost exactly half the size of A&M.

The contest shows the beauty of college athletics. Passion can outweigh volume. Based purely on main-campus enrollment levels, ESPN's contest should be dominated by Arizona State, Ohio State, Minnesota, Texas and Florida. Of those schools, the highest vote getter in the GameDay contest is Texas, which is in 17th place with less than 8,000 votes.

SPEAKING OF TEXAS AND, more specifically, the cities of Dallas and Houston, crimson-hued travel agent Linda Finch has put together all-inclusive travel packages to get Mike Leach fans -- both of the Cougar and Red Raider variety -- up to Pullman for the first home game of the Leach Era, on Sept. 7. The packages include airfare, tickets to see the Cougars vs. EWU, two nights' accommodations at the Northern Quest Casino, a party bus between Spokane and Pullman, and a tailgater in Pullman. For more information, call Linda toll free at 1-800-682-2251.

Two other dates to put on the calendar are the "Night with Cougar Baseball" auction and dinner in Seattle on May 24, and the Cougar Legends auction dinner and golf tournament in Coeur d'Alene on June 8-9. Space remains for both. For more information, call Lori Olson at 509-358-7541 for the Legends event and Lindsay Weber at 509-335-0368 for the baseball dinner.

FORMER WSU BASKETBALL COACH Len Stevens has made headlines in recent days following a story in the Reno Gazette-Journal in which he says high school sports should be done away with.

"Your first reaction was probably in line with mine. Preposterous. Ludicrous. What of the pageantry, the history, the apple pie? High school sports were probably a big part of your childhood. High school sports probably helped mold who you are today. Kick it to the curb, Stevens says," writes columnist Dan Hinxman.

"And after you listen to his reasoning you find yourself drifting to his side of the fence — not necessarily jumping over it, but at least willing to give it more thought." It's a pretty darn interesting story and you can read it all HERE.

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