NEARLY A FULL year in the making, a story unlike any has written in its 14 years on the Web will be published this Monday. It's a tale about one of the greatest athletes in the history of Washington State University. But it's a story cloaked in mystery and a thousand questions, because the man disappeared more than two decades ago. Not a word, not a trace.

He played some pro ball, married his WSU sweetheart, had two daughters, lived in Seattle -- and then vanished, seemingly, into thin air. Old teammates guessed that perhaps an affinity for gambling may have landed him in deep water. Others wondered if he simply decided to drop out of life due to failed expectations.

This Monday, after a nearly year-long investigation that wound through police reports, multiple public records requests, and even knocks on unfamiliar doors, unwinds the mystery.

The story behind the story is, itself, fascinating. When CF.C hired one of the Pacific Northwest's most accomplished investigative journalists, retired Spokesman-Review reporter Bill Morlin, to explore the mystery behind this multi-sport star, the presumption was that a story mostly built on the conjecture of family and friends would be ready in several weeks.

And then one clue led to another, which led to another ...

You can read the full, riveting story here on Monday.

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