Anthony Laurenzi's Diary: Week 1

PULLMAN -- Hello Cougar Nation! This is Anthony Laurenzi and I'll be keeping you up to date on the defensive side of the ball this summer. We're coming up on the end of our second week of our voluntary workouts and things are already a little different. For starters, Logan Mayes is no longer wearing his snorkel gear.

On the defensive line, we're all a bunch of pretty soft-spoken guys off the field. But Mayes, and I don't know if he's still considered a d-lineman now that he's at the BUCK, he's a pretty funny guy.

When we were running conditioning stuff on our own earlier this year, he was running around with a snorkel. He was pretty serious about it -- he would lift weights in it, there's a picture of him somewhere doing squats wearing the snorkel. But now that we're into our voluntary summer workouts, I don't think our strength coach, Jason Loscalzo, will let him.

Too bad, I was looking forward to seeing if he was going to take it to the next level this summer and hit the sand pit all decked out in full scuba gear.

COACH LOSCALZO IS a good strength coach. He's very knowledgeable and everything is pretty much all business. He will joke around with you a little when that's what the situation calls for, but when we need to get down to business, he's definitely serious about things and gets us going.

We're working on a lot of different things here in Week 2 – we're in the weight room plenty and we're also working on our conditioning and getting our running in. We spend time in the sand pit, focusing on our lower body endurance. Proper form is important when you run, and we're definitely focusing on that, too.

EVERYONE IS here for the voluntary summer workouts except for one guy and I think he's coming up when the next summer school session begins. Other than that, we have had 100 percent attendance so far.

Coach Leach told us this spring it's hugely important for us to get stronger and faster and I feel we're off to a really good start. Our first week was really good, we didn't have many guys fall off and as a whole I feel like we are getting faster and stronger. We're definitely learning how to work harder.

WHEN WE LIFT, the offensive linemen are the first group in. We used to give them a hard time about having to get up early but they also get to get it out of the way – we'll be in there getting dressed but they're already done.

We always ask them how it was that day, you always want to know what you're in for..

THERE ARE TOO many defensive guys for me to mention all of them specifically that are doing good work -- so I'll just pick three. Travis Long has pretty much been the vocal leader of the defense so far. If someone starts to let up, he'll call them out. And he's probably the hardest worker, so he walks the talk.

We also do some stuff on our own and both Darren Markle and Darryl Monroe are each taking more of a leadership role. You can definitely tell with Monroe, he's more serious about things and more business-like.

That's all the time I have for this week but if you have any specific questions, post them on the CF.C message boards and I'll try to answer the ones I can.

Go Cougs!
Anthony Laurenzi

NOTE: Stay tuned tomorrow on CF.C for another player diary -- this one from the perspective on the offensive side of the ball.

Cougar nose tackle Anthony Laurenzi (6-3, 290) out of Placentia, Calif. started all 12 games for WSU in 2011, posting a career-high 25 tackles, (17 solo) with 6.5 tackles for loss. A redshirt senior, d-coordinator Mike Breske this spring said that in Laurenzi, "we have what we want at the nose guard position." Laurenzi was named the Orange County Register Defensive Player of the Year his senior year at El Dorado High, racking up 40 sacks and 170-plus tackles over his prep career. His 23 sacks his senior year were both an all-time school record and the most that year in California.

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