The Northwest's Hot 100

THE FILM HAS been studied, the camps have been attended and the votes have been tallied. Now it's time to unveil the initial rankings for Northwest Hot 100 --- the high school seniors-to-be from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Hawaii who look to be the hottest commodities when national football letters of intent are signed in February. Of the top 30, four already have committed verbally to WSU.

Those four are quarterback Gary Rogers of Kamiak High in Mukilteo, ranked No. 4; offensive lineman Andy Roof of East Valley in Spokane, No. 11; linebacker Alex Hamill of Coeur d' Alene, No. 17; and speed-burning running back J.T. Diederichs from Seattle's Ballard High, No. 30. A fifth Cougar verbal -- Clarkston linebacker Steffan Blume, the reigning Greater Spokane League 3A defensive player of the year -- is penned in at No. 42.

Rogers, who had been drawing strong interest from Washington, Michigan State, Northwestern, Notre Dame and others before committing verbally to WSU, is superseded on the list by only three other players, two of whom have received scholarship offers from the Cougars: QB Matt Tuiasosopo of Woodinville and offensive tackle Aaron Klovas of Vancouver. The No. 3 player, defensive tackle David Faaeteete of North Medford, Ore., has verbally committed to Oregon. Right behind Rogers, at No. 5, is Bellingham/Sehome High DT Matt Eichlberger, who is drawing interest from most of the Pac-10.

As for Rogers, his upside is immense. His size (6-5, 225) is Bledsoe-esque. His agility (4.75 in the 40) downright Rosebachian. And his leadership skills (team captain last season as a junior) reminiscent of the Hurlin' Hawaiian. In 2002, Rogers completed 85 of 149 passes for 1,500 yards and 15 TDs. He was second-team all-league and susequently earned 2003 "Nugget in Waiting" status from the Tacoma News Tribune.

Tuiasosopo, though, is our clear choice as the No. 1 Division I prospect in the region. He's a difference maker in every sense.

In fact, Tuiasosopo (6-2, 205) is the consensus choice for the top spot, particularly after his phenomenal workout at the recent Nike camp in Eugene. It just confirmed what we always believed to be true about Matt -- he's got the same playmaking ability and determination that made his brother Marques a Rose Bowl winner and a crowd favorite. Now the only question is whether Matt will be a shoe-in for football or if he'll follow his other passion --- baseball.

Here's the entire Hot 100 list:

1. QB Matt Tuiasosopo (WA)
2. OT Aaron Klovas (WA)
3. DT David Faaeteete (OR)
4. QB Gary Rogers (WA)
5. DT Matt Eichelberger (WA)
6. QB Erik Ainge (OR)
7. QB Jacob Bower (ID)
8. DT Randy Faletoi (HI)
9. S/WR Keauntea Bankhead (WA)
10. DE Cole Linehan (OR)
11. OG Andy Roof (WA)
12. WR/S Chancellor Young (WA)
13. OT Casey Bulyca (WA)
14. OT Bobby Dockter (WA)
15. LB Trenton Tuiasosopo (WA)
16. DE Jordan White-Frisbee (WA)
17. LB Alex Hamill (ID)
18. DE/LB Walter Winter (WA)
19. OG Brent Russum (ID)
20. S/QB Darin Harris (WA)
21. RB/S Aaron Dickson (OR)
22. OG Ryan Bush (WA)
23. LB Bryan Baird (WA)
24. LB Slade Norris (OR)
25. WR Ryan Bagley (MT)
26. LB Patrick McKillop (WA)
27. DT Joe Bozikovich (OR)
28. ATH T.R. Smith (OR)
29. WR Carl Shaw (WA)
30. RB J.T. Diederichs(WA)
31. OG Jabari Watkins (WA)
32. OG Eddie Vickers (WA)
33. DE Nate Johnson (WA)
34. WR Matt Troxel (ID)
35. LB Ryan Keeling (OR)
36. DE/FB Mitch Reffett (WA)
37. QB Kyle Carson (WA)
38. RB Mike Jones (OR)
39. CB Anthony Stewart (WA)
40. QB Roby Clyde (WA)
41. DT Antonio Lindsey (WA)
42. LB Steffan Blume (WA)
43. WR Zach Tarver (OR)
44. CB Tracy Ford (WA)
45. QB Beau Hovland (OR)
46. QB Alex Smart (WA)
47. CB Reggie Jones (WA)
48. RB Jevon Butler (WA)
49. OG Tyler Ashby (WA)
50. CB Jeremiah Walters (WA)
51. QB/CB Quinton Jackson (WA)
52. RB Raynold Stowers (HI)
53. DT Mike Mayer (WA)
54. RB Alefosio Hefa (WA)
55. RB Tyler Simpson (WA)
56. RB Zach Cooper (WA)
57. QB David Johnson (OR)
58. OG Pernell Booth (MT)
59. DE Craig Mettler (WA)
60. WR Keith Best (OR)
61. RB BJ Batts (HI)
62. RB Dale Morris (OR)
63. LB Jayson Bird (ID)
64. LB Eddie Stamm (OR)
65. DT Johnie Kirton (WA)
66. LB Michael Richardson (OR)
67. TE Jacob McKinney (WA)
68. DT Ishmael Easton (WA)
69. S Anthony Rosso (WA)
70. RB Jordan Dizon (HI)
71. LB Isaiah Barsh (WA)
72. RB Tyler Mattair (WA)
73. S John Coombs (WA)
74. QB James Wright (WA)
75. OT Dryden Long (WA)
76. OG Brett Pearce (WA)
77. QB/P Ben Hannula (WA)
78. RB Jordyn Jackson (WA)
79. WR Michael Willis (WA)
80. TE Cory Dickson (OR)
81. DE Tavita Thompson (HI)
82. DT Michael Nahl (WA)
83. LB Jake Paulson (OR)
84. QB Chris Sundberg (MT)
85. LB Brian Jimenez (OR)
86. LB Jason Belford (WA)
87. OG Nate Conklin (WA)
88. QB Cole Nielson (ID)
89. RB Seth Setterberg (WA)
90. OG/C Julian Stewart (WA)
91. LB Ward Dobbs (AK)
92. QB Mark Gray (WA)
93. QB Brian Ellersick (WA)
94. QB Cole Morgan (WA)
95. OT Phil Hayes (WA)
96. DE Colin Donovan (MT)
97. LB Glen Hobbs (WA)
98. RB Devon Sturdivant (ID)
99. LB Andre Geraghty (WA)
100. OL Tyler Schlauderaff (WA)

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