Andrei Lintz's Diary: Week 3

PULLMAN -- Hello Cougar fans! I'm back with another installment of the summer offensive player diary on CF.C. This week will be an important entry because I will be focusing on the position group that deserves the most praise.

These guys do all the dirty work in the trenches but never receive enough credit. The offensive line is the most vital key to the success of both our offense and the entire team in the 2012 season.

The entire offensive line has been waking up at the crack of dawn this summer to get to their scheduled workout time of 6 a.m. It is up to them to set the tempo for the entire day and so far they have been doing an outstanding job. Having the entire offensive line lift together so early in the morning does wonders towards building cohesiveness and establishing leadership within the entire group. In the past, the linemen have been in the later groups and people used to joke about how they needed their beauty sleep and they were too lazy to wake up any earlier. This summer could not be more opposite.

This group is headlined by John Fullington, Wade Jacobson, Dan Spitz and Matt Goetz.

Fullington is a guy who has been a starter since his true freshman year and is never one to back down from a challenge, which makes him one of the best competitors on the team. Jacobsen is definitely one of the most unique people I have ever met. He defines the term "grimy." But for all the grief that he puts is through, he lays his body on the line day in and day out. Plus he is a guy who is always doing extra work, especially when it comes to desperately coming up with any way to develop his biceps.

Dan Spitz is one of the few remaining Class of 2008 guys, along with Adam Coerper, Daniel Simmons, Tyree Toomer, Anthony Laurenzi and myself that have experienced it all and want nothing more than to cap off their career with a successful season. Matt Goetz transferred in from Texas Tech last year but has caught on quickly with our team and is one of the people that everyone looks up to and can count on.

Other guys that have really developed their game and come into their own are Elliott Bosch, Rico Forbes, Jake Rodgers and Taylor Meighen.

Elliot is always one of the most consistent and hardest workers while Rico maybe one of the strongest guys in the entire group. Taylor Meighen or "Tex" is a physical specimen who routinely puts up double-digit flat backs in practice. And what can I say about Jake Rodgers that hasn't already been said on his mullet's Twitter page?

Rounding out the group are Zach Brevick, Chas Sampson, Brent Anderson, Moritz Christ, HREF=//>Denzell Dotson and Gunnar Eklund; hard working guys that speak more with their tremendous daily effort and drive to improve than their mouths.

This group of guys does everything in their power to make sure that no one in the country outworks them every single day and I wanted to take time to acknowledge every single one of them. While skill position players may be the ones that get the majority of the headlines, this group of offensive linemen will have the most to say about how our 2012 season will be decided.

Now it is time to answer some questions that you guys had over the week.

CougStud: We've all seen coach on camera saying extremely candid things, but who in your opinion has the best comedic personality? And, who is the person that cracks the most jokes with Coach Leach? Any funny stories you'd like to share?

As far as funniest guys on the team, I think I would have to give that distinction to David Gilbertson, Gino Simone and Zach Koepp. Every time we hang out we are always cracking jokes or telling stories and these guys are usually the ones in the locker room that get everyone to laugh. I think the quarterbacks are the ones that do the best Coach Leach impersonations because they spend the most time with him during meetings. They always talk about how their meetings with Coach Leach have a habit of going off on a tangent because he tells stories that can take up to half an hour. I think the best story that I have heard is when he was describing the importance of using our hands as receivers. He related it to dinosaurs and evolution because his theory was that T-Rex's had such short arms because they rarely used them and over generations they became shorter and shorter.

What do you think Coach Breske has brought to the Cougar Defense thus far? What do you expect from him come Fall Camp? And, who's been the toughest person to face on defense (both on our team and in the PAC-12) and why?

Coach Breske has brought his 3-4 scheme to our defense and I really think it will be one that plays to the strengths of our D. We have a bunch of big athletic defensive linemen who can play nose along with defensive end. Also, our linebacking core is very athletic and fast and the BUCK position was invented to be played by Travis Long. I think by fall camp all of the adjustments and growing pains should be behind them and they should be ready to fly around and cause havoc. Travis is definitely one of the toughest players to go against in practice because he is so crafty and uses his hands very well; he is rarely caught out of position. Jared Byers is also a tough one because he is always willing to showcase why he was named the Strongest Man at our team banquet last year and you always need to have your head on a swivel when he is in or else he will surprise you with his helmet underneath your chin and leave you laying on your back.

ArtieHolmesRules: Who among the young receivers have impressed you and why?

Young guys at the receiver position that continue to impress both myself and the entire team are Rahmel Dockery, Isiah Myers, Dominique Williams and Brett McDonald. These guys are always working on their routes and footwork and it carries over to 1on1's and 7on7 team segments. Not to mentions those guys also have great haircuts.

That's all for this week's diary entry. I hope you guys enjoyed the talk about the hosses up front and got all of your questions answered. Make sure you guys ask questions on the message boards as I will be more than happy to answer them and talk about all things Coug. Other that I hope you enjoyed my entry and Go Cougs!

Andrei Lintz

Cougar inside receiver Andrei Lintz out of Bellingham had a monster spring session at Washington State, moving from tight end to the slot in Mike Leach's Air Raid. The senior-to-be pulled in seven catches for 57-yards and a TD in the Crimson & Gray game. Lintz appeared in all 12 games in 2011, with five starts as a junior tight end, with seven catches for 96 yards and one touchdown. Following his senior year at Meridian High, he was named Associated Press All-State as both a punter and defensive end. His grandfather Yuri played professional soccer in Russia.

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