Anthony Laurenzi's Diary: Week 4

PULLMAN – We asked Idaho over for some 7-on-7 drills this week. When it comes to summer 7-on-7s with another school, there's inevitably going to be some trash talk. But the thing is, some guys are good at it. Other guys are not.

Travis Long is one guy who is good at it. He had some pretty funny lines, none of which I can repeat here. Other guys, you can tell they're trying really hard, but some of them just don't make any sense.

As for the skelly, it went well for us. The offensive and defensive lines did drills during it but I still got to see a good portion of it and our offense looked pretty good.

On defense, Darryl Monroe was moving people around, he looked good in the 7-on-7. He was running his mouth a lot too and he had some good lines. Most important though, he was able to back it up. He wasn't 100 percent during the spring but now that he is, he's starting to hit his zone.

Someone on the CF.C message boards asked earlier how accurate the official roster heights and weights are.

They're pretty much dead on. They generally measure us at the start of fall camp and spring ball and the trainers have us take our shoes off. I will say I know of a few people in the past who have drunk a lot of water right beforehand on that day to try and get their weight up a few pounds.

It's typical for a lineman like myself to lose 10-15 pounds during the season – it's almost impossible to maintain your weight once that season gets going. I've also noticed that as well with other teams during the season, they all lose weight as the year goes along.

This is our last week before we have a break. I'm just going to relax a bit with my time off. I would guess about three-quarters of the guys are staying in town – many of us still have class -- but some of the guys that did the first session will head home for their break.

It comes at a good time, the last two weeks have been a killer. We've been doing all the same things I've been writing about for the most part these last two weeks but we've been doing more of them, a heavier workload, heavier weights, the whole smash.

Someone asked about guys excelling in the weight room. That's hard to fully answer because we're split up in groups with different guys lifting at different times so I don't get to see everyone on a daily or weekly basis. From what I have seen, though, Xavier Cooper, Kalafitoni Pole and Darren Markle are some who come to mind.

Xavier and Toni are two of the strongest guys on the team, they're some of the strongest guys on defense for sure. Darren might be the strongest, I know he's been lifting since he was a little kid and he was a weightlifting champion in high school. The best thing though isn't, (as considerable as it is), how much weight he puts up, it's that he has really, really good technique.

The sand pit is also getting a workout this summer. Other guys might disagree with me here but I almost look forward to it because while it takes a toll on your legs, for sure, you're not as winded as some other things we do, like the "sleds" for the linemen and the stadium stairs for other positions.

I'll be off next week but keep posting your questions on the CF.C message boards and I'll do my best to answer as many as I can for the next time.

Go Cougs!
Anthony Laurenzi

Cougar nose tackle Anthony Laurenzi (6-3, 290) out of Placentia, Calif. started all 12 games for WSU in 2011, posting a career-high 25 tackles, (17 solo) with 6.5 tackles for loss. A redshirt senior, d-coordinator Mike Breske this spring said that in Laurenzi, "we have what we want at the nose guard position." Laurenzi was named the Orange County Register Defensive Player of the Year his senior year at El Dorado High, racking up 40 sacks and 170-plus tackles over his prep career. His 23 sacks his senior year were both an all-time school record and the most that year in California.

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