Andrei Lintz's Diary: Week 4

PULLMAN--Hello Cougar fans! Andrei Lintz back with another CF.C diary entry. This will be my last entry for the month of June as we have next week off. I have lots to cover and will try my best to pack this entry to its fullest. This week has been an exciting one on the Palouse as temperatures have increased, freshmen have arrived and the Idaho Vandals made a trip to Pullman for a friendly 7-on-7.

Tuesday night's session was a busy one as we played against our foes from the bordering state. As was noted in Anthony Laurenzi's diary, there was no shortness of trash talking between the Vandals and us.

Things always tend to get a little heated whenever we go against them because there is a lot of pride on the line and it is the first competition that we have gotten against another opponent. This is very useful because they have different offensive and defensive schemes than ours.

Our offense was able to get some practice against a traditional 4-3 scheme while our defense saw their first taste of a more pro style offense featuring a traditional tight end and a sometimes under center quarterback.

Aside from a couple minor disagreements, the 7-on-7 session went off without a hitch and provided both teams with valuable experience and competition. We look forward to organizing more 7-on-7's with them as the summer wears on.

Late June is always a good time because the sun is coming out and the freshmen are arriving on campus. I think pretty much all of the incoming freshman class is here are getting ready for class and doing their physicals.

Many of them have been in the locker room trying to get a sneak peak at the new gear and have been attending the 7-on-7's with the intent of learning as much as they can so they can hit the ground running. Wide-eyed freshmen are always fun to welcome because it is cool to see what they can bring to the program.

We are continuing our lifting and conditioning program and as a team are getting stronger and in better shape as the days wear on. Starting the program 2-3 weeks earlier than in years past has really paid dividends so far as almost everyone has been saying they feel ahead of the curve.

We still have a lot of work to do but the foundation is being laid day in day out. Speaking of building, the Martin Stadium renovation project is looking better and better every single day as the majority of the building is complete on the outside.

Glass is being put up on the suites and the future of Cougar Football is taking shape. All of us players cannot wait to play in front of a packed house this fall.

This week's "shout outs" go to the guys that I see more than anyone else, my roommates: David Gilbertson, Casey Locker, Steven Hoffart, and Zach Koepp.

We live on a property that's split up between two houses with a small yard in between. It's a great college house and we truly get the full WSU experience.

As I mentioned in my previous diary, David and Zach are two of the funniest guys on the team and, with rare exception, always leave everyone in stitches with the jokes and stories. Steve is more of the enforcer of the house and makes sure everyone is kept in line. We think of him as a father figure of the house. Casey is well known as one of the hardest hitters on the team and in the conference, but the way he levels receivers doesn't come close to the hits he puts on people during our frequent games of "Slapshot Regatta," a hockey game we play in the yard.

All of these guys are great teammates and friends and I couldn't think of any other people to share my college experience with. A special shout out goes to Jordan Pu'u-Robinson, our former roommate who is transferring to pursue his football career closer to home in Hawaii -- we all keep in touch with him often and wish him the very best. Once a Coug, always a Coug!

With that I would like to answer some questions that you guys had over the week.

Cougsince74: Would be fun to hear how the hands are, on the new receivers who are standing out. Who has that "IT" factor, and appears to be the most elusive out of the group.
The one guy in our receiving corps that has proven to have the "IT" factor would definitely be Marquess Wilson. The way he plays the game and the plays he makes is nothing short of extraordinary, but somehow he always makes it look routine and easy. He has that natural flow to his game and I cannot wait to see what he does in this offense. He's probably also the most elusive and fastest because he can contort his body in so many different ways to get around defenders or he can just simply run by them.

CrimsonJT: Were you surprised that Aaron Dunn left to go play basketball? Now that you play slot, do you hang out with the receivers or do you still consider yourself a tight end and hang out with Hersey and Simmons?
Whenever someone transfers it is always sad to see them go, and Aaron was not an exception. It was a pleasure getting to know him the last couple years and he will be really missed but I think he has a great opportunity ahead of him to play basketball and our entire team wishes him the best in that endeavor. Since the new staff does not have a tight ends coach, all of the former tight ends have joined the inside receivers to be under the tutelage of Coach Eric Morris. We all get along very well and Coach Morris has a great way of getting the very best out of every single player.

Spotucky: What was your favorite cartoon as a kid. also who Is your favorite nfl player.
My favorite cartoon as a kid was none other than Scooby-Doo. The cartoons they have now pale in comparison to the ones I watched growing up, I really feel bad for this generation's kids! My favorite NFL player is definitely Rob Gronkowski. He is transcending the tight end position in the NFL and is a mismatch anytime he goes on a route. My favorite part of his game is how he separates from defenders to become a huge target in the redzone.

The team is off this coming week but put your message boards and I will be more than happy to answer them and talk about all things Cougs when I get back the following week. Go Cougs!

Andrei Lintz

Cougar inside receiver Andrei Lintz out of Bellingham had a monster spring session at Washington State, moving from tight end to the slot in Mike Leach's Air Raid. The senior-to-be pulled in seven catches for 57-yards and a TD in the Crimson & Gray game. Lintz appeared in all 12 games in 2011, with five starts as a junior tight end, with seven catches for 96 yards and one touchdown. Following his senior year at Meridian High, he was named Associated Press All-State as both a punter and defensive end. His grandfather Yuri played professional soccer in Russia.

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