COMMENTARY: Bye BCS, Hello controversy

THE NEW college football playoff system that begins in 2014 has generally been greeted with cheers far and wide this week. Those cheers figure to stop abruptly in Year 1.

It's inevitable.

A four-team playoff will assuredly result in a deserving fifth team, (and in some years also a sixth, seventh, eighth team or more,) that gets left out in the cold.

Shoot, college basketball has a 68-team playoff yet every single year there are at least a few teams that, as viewed by the collective masses, got screwed over.

But the four team college football playoff is here to stay starting in 2014. And it won't end until 2025. Why the 12-year pact?

To keep proponents of a bigger playoff, the unwanted "bracket creep," at bay, says this article in the LA Times.

Here's a thought. Think some conferences will tend to get more than one spot in college football's new final four? I do.

Think the Pac-12 might in some years get shut out and have zero participants in the four-team playoff? If some of the bowl selections over the last decade are any indication, it seems a pretty fair bet.

Will Notre Dame take a more deserving spot away from another conference from time to time? Of the five worst rated at-large teams to ever participate in the BCS, Notre Dame can lay claim to two of them in 2000 and 2006.

So for 12 years, four teams and four teams only will be selected and given the opportunity to play for the national title. And the griping and complaining, much of it legitimate, will begin immediately when the first four picks are made in 2014.

Is going to a playoff better than the status quo? Most definitely.

But it's only the first step. And it will take 12 years, at a minimum, to take that second step.

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