Newsline: The Air Raid surprise?

IF PAST IS PROLOGUE, Washington State might well surprise one or two teams this upcoming season by doing something unconventional in the Air Raid.

Most everyone knows that Mike Leach tutored under Hal Mumme, who first began tinkering with the Air Raid in high school back in the 80s. Mumme, the former head man at Kentucky and New Mexico State and now running the show at McMurray, was recently featured in a lengthy interview on SBNation.

For all the passing that goes on in the Air Raid, a big shakeup on the ground any given Saturday is more than possible, says Mumme.

"You may not have the physical advantage, but you have the mental advantage going into a game. You never think you're out of it. That's always been my philosophy. Because you're so good at the extreme, one or two times a year you can go to the opposite because people overplay it so much. One or two times a year, we have a really good game rushing the football. One or two times a year, Georgia Tech will have a really big day throwing the football. It doesn't happen a lot, it happens when people give it to you. That's the way I like playing," says Mumme.

A quick glance at Leach's final two seasons at Texas Tech shows Leach's team ran for 185 yards one week in ‘09. The year prior, Leach's Red Raiders outrushed (and certainly shocked) Nebraska in a 37-31 overtime win by winning the ground war by a 137-114 margin.

For the complete interview with Mumme, click here

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