Pac-12 Network distribution: still cloudy

THE MAN WHO has followed the evolution of the Pac-12 television network as closely as anyone outside of Larry Scott's inner circle has three words to describe the many questions that surround it all: gray, gray and gray.

"Everyone, including conference officials, would like the distribution situation to be black and white, but it's gray on nearly every front," Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News writes in a recent blog posting.

He offers up his own take on where matters currently stand and also provides helpful links to the Pac-12's FAQ and customer support pages.

For fans who subscribe to DirecTV, Dish and Uverse -- program providers that have not reached agreement with the Pac-12 -- he says no need to panic until August 29. In the meantime, you many want to start sending them emails and letters encouraging them to get in step with what you need.

Here's the link to Wilner's full column, Pac-12Network: Much confusion, a few answers

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