For Leaf, finally a bit of good news

RYAN LEAF's pending extradition to Texas to face a probation revocation hearing that could land him in prison for 10 years has been rescinded -- for now.

Leaf's attorney told the Great Falls Tribune the Texas extradition process for Leaf has been rescinded until he completes drug treatment in Montana.

But Leaf could still wind up in Texas to face a probation revocation hearing 15 months or more down the road -- after he has completed a nine month lockdown drug treatment and six months in a prerelease center in Montana.

"What Texas does in the future I think will be affected to some extent by how well he does in treatment," attorney Kenneth Olson told the paper.

Leaf's sentence in Montana for drug and burglary charges was a five-year commitment with the DOC -- the first 15 months to include nine months in lockdown drug treatment followed by six months in a prerelease center, plus another two years of probation. The remaining time is likely be under supervised community placement outside of prison.

In Texas, Randall County District Attorney James Farren had first said that the court planned to revoke another probation sentence Leaf had received there in 2010 but would let him finish his Montana sentence before serving whatever punishment he would get in Texas. The District Attorney's Office ultimately ended up cancelling the warrants in June.

Leaf will now be able to serve out his 15 months in direct custody of the Montana Department of Corrections without a pending warrant out of Texas, where Leaf had received the 10 year probation sentence in 2010 after pleading guilty to felony drug charges stemming from a burglary.

Leaf remains incarcerated at the Cascade County Detention Center in Great Falls. He has been screened for admission into the Nexus drug treatment center in Lewistown and to a prerelease center in Bozeman, but Olson wasn't sure of the exact date Leaf will be transferred to the drug treatment center in Lewistown.

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