Leach video interview: 'exciting ride' coming

LOS ANGELES -- All eyes are on Pullman this season as Cougar fans hope new head coach Mike Leach can turn the program around. He discusses some of the biggest changes to the program, a few emerging players to keep an eye out for and more in this 1-on-1 video interview.

As the Cougars head into fall camp, many people are wondering if new head coach Mike Leach has what it takes to turn the Washington State program around.

In his short time in Pullman, Coach Leach has implemented his Air Raid offense as well as overseeing a defense challenged with being versatile enough to run both a 3-4 and 4-3. However, Leach emphasizes that the transformation is a step-by-step process.

"The biggest thing is to improve, get better every day, and develop our skills and do the best we can from one week to the next. This is kind of a day by day business, rather than just a long-term one, because if you're not any good today, you aren't going to develop to be good tomorrow," he said.

Quarterback Jeff Tuel and wide receiver Marquess Wilson are both expected to shine in the new offense, but Coach Leach says there could be a few prospects who will emerge over the next few months.

"Dominique Williams has been playing really well. There's a guy named Andrei Lintz who plays tight end. Previously was a blocking fullback, but has really done a good job at tight end. We've got a lot of them who could fill in," he said.

With the hire of new defensive coordinator Mike Breske, Coach Leach is also enthusiastic about the direction that the defense is headed.

"What's really exciting is that we blitz a lot and try to bring people from a variety angles, which I think makes it exciting for a player when his number is called. I also think it presents some problems for opposing offenses," he said.

If there's one message about the Cougars that Coach Leach hopes fans take from Media Day, it's that the upcoming season will be unlike the others.

"Come watch us. It's going to be an exciting ride," he said.

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