The weight of the matter at ol' Wazzu

IF WASHINGTON STATE features more collective team speed out on the football gridiron in 2012 than they did the previous season, there's a reason why.

In looking over the recently released depth chart by WSU, a somewhat larger than normal number of Cougar players are lighter than the previous year.

Sure, there are plenty of gainers in evidence, too -- Xavier Cooper, Logan Mayes and Tana Pritchard all put on 20 pounds or more.

Darryl Monroe stacked 15 pounds onto his frame.

Deone Bucannon bulked up by 12 pounds and Dominique Williams added 7 pounds, (and for a wide receiver, that's significant.)

But a decent number of other Cougs have leaned up.

Wade Jacobson is 19 pounds lighter. Darren Markle dropped 16 pounds.

Kalafitoni Pole is 15 pounds leaner and Travis Long 13 pounds lighter than last year. Gino Simone and Blair Bomber dropped 10 pounds each.

The lightest of them all? Zack Koepp dropped 27 pounds.

Those who added or dropped 5 pounds or more in comparing comparing last year's roster to the newly released post-spring depth chart:
Dominique Williams is 7 pounds heavier
John Fullington is 7 pounds heavier
Gunnar Eklund is 9 pounds heavier
Wade Jacobson is 15 pounds lighter
Elliott Bosch is 8 pounds heavier
Bennett Bontemps is 7 pounds lighter
Gino Simone is 10 pounds lighter
Blair Bomber is 10 pounds lighter
Rickey Galvin is 5 pounds heavier
Carl Winston is 8 pounds lighter
Max Hersey is 6 pounds lighter
Xavier Cooper is 20 pounds heavier
Kalafitoni Pole is 15 pounds lighter
Travis Long is 13 pounds lighter
Logan Mayes is 23 pounds heavier
Eric Oertel is 5 pounds heavier
Darryl Monroe is 15 pounds heavier
Darren Markle is 16 pounds lighter
Chester Sua is 6 pounds heavier
Jared Byers is 14 pounds heavier
Tana Pritchard is 20 pounds heavier
Daniel Simmons is 9 pounds lighter
Tracy Clark is 5 pounds lighter
Deone Bucannon is 12 pounds heavier
Casey Locker is 6 pounds lighter
Zack Koepp is 27 pounds lighter
Andrew Furney is 10 pounds lighter

They're not on the depth chart yet – they won't take part in their first official WSU practice until Aug. 2 – but among the new faces now listed on the official WSU 2012 roster:

Jeremiah Allison: 6-2, 210
Austin Apodaca: 6-3, 180
Robert Barber: 6-3, 291
Brett Bartolone: 5-10, 176
Austin Brown: 6-2, 255
David Bucannon: 6-0, 190
Feddie Davey: 5-10, 190
Keith Ewing: 6-0, 225
Sam Flor: 6-4, 296
Ioane Gauta: 6-3, 305
Alex Jackson: 5-10, 167
Gabriel Marks: 6-0, 167
Eduardo Middleton: 6-5, 301
Kache Palacio: 6-2, 212
Khalil Pettway: 6-3, 213
Justin Sagote: 6-2, 225
Niu Sale: 6-3, 346
Taylor Taliulu: 5-11, 184
Destiny Vaeao: 6-4, 270
Pierson Villarrubia: 6-4, 268
Theron West: 5-7, 171

The names of Brandon Bagley and Jacob Tuivaiave do not yet appear on the roster, (Bagley told CF.C earlier he's scheduled to arrive on Aug. 1. It continues to be wait and see time if Tuivaiave is in by the first day of fall camp on Aug. 2). Grayshirting from the 2013 class are B.J. Salmonson and Robert Lewis. Sam Jones and Alex Mitchell failed to qualify, with Mitchell going the JC route. OL Denzell Dotson, K Mike Bowlin, WR Rahmel Dockery and RB Teondray Caldwell were four January arrivals to WSU.

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