Salave'a Keeping Expectations High

PULLMAN - With day one of the Cougars' fall camp in the books, defensive line coach Joe Salave'a discusses his expectations, potential emerging players, and more in this 1-on-1 video interview...

Washington State defensive line coach Joe Salave'a joined the Cougars staff in December and wasted no time in helping recruit top prospects to the team.

Two of those players, defensive lineman Destiny Vaeao and nose tackle Robert Barber, come to Pullman from American Samoa, and both have the potential to perhaps see the field this fall.

"We have a good mixture, good diversity within our team. They are fitting right in. Today was good to see those guys run around. They love the game, and it shows with how they go about the practice. They're going to be good. How well, how good? That's solely on them," he said.

With the dismissal of Anthony Laurenzi, it's imperative that a younger player steps up and takes over the starting nose tackle position.

According to Salave'a, two potential candidates are Kalafitoni Pole and recent Juco transfer Ioane Gauta, known as "Junior" to his teammates.

"Toni Pole has been here. He's a strong guy, a young guy as well. We've got Junior. You could throw some of the young guys in the mix. We've got a couple of candidates. What we have to make sure to do is create competition within our practices so we can at least see what these guys have when the pads come on," he said.

With just a few weeks before the season kickoff versus BYU, the defensive line coach knows the unit still has strides it must make.

"They know my expectations, and I hope their expectations are greater than mine. I think we've got good energy, good expecations going into the fall. We're just taking it one day at a time. Today was day one, so we're really excited to get back out here tomorrow," he said.

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