GALVIN: Competition at Running Back is Close

PULLMAN - With day two of fall camp behind him, Washington State running back Rickey Galvin feels his group is progressing nicely. Galvin talks competition, his role in the Air Raid, and more in this video interview...

Washington State running back Rickey Galvin has put on a strong performance over the first few days of fall camp and says he is enjoying the offense's transition to the Air Raid.

"It was more opportunity to get open. It's a pass first, and I looked at it as an opportunity to really get the ball in space and make some plays," he said.

Competition is tight among the backs, as the entire unit is impressing.

"As of now, all the backs have been progressing and have really developed. We're just really working. As of now, we just don't know [the depth chart] but each and every one of us is ready to make a play," he said.

Galvin is looking forward to the upcoming season and though he hopes to hit a good rushing number, he doesn't have a specific goal in mind.

"I'm just going to play. I really can't call it, I'm just going to play and see what happens. I wish for the best," he said.

Full FOXSportsNEXT and interview below:

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