MOORE: The CF.C return of the Go 2 Guy

I'M THRILLED TO be back at and like everyone else, I can't wait for Aug. 30 to get here. But if I were part of the brain trust, I would have had a different reaction to the email I sent them two weeks ago requesting a return to CF.C.

I would have thought to myself: "Go 2 Guy?!?! It's more like Go 2 Flake! We hired him to write for us a couple of years ago, and he was the most unreliable columnist we've ever had!"

I would have written back and said: "Thanks but no thanks."

But the Executive Editor there is a cool guy who must believe in second chances, even for deadbeats like me.

We talked the other day, and I suggested starting things off with a Husky trashing column like the ones I used to write on a regular basis for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, back when I helped run that newspaper out of business.

But the message that came back from the powers-that-be is they wanted to maintain a Cougar focus because it's a Cougar website, plus fall camp is going full blast, and I completely understand where they're coming from. It's their site, they're the boss, and I'm grateful to be here.

BUT PART OF being a Coug is disliking the Dawgs – not just some things about them, everything about them. And what's great about the Dawgs, they always provide such a rich array of material to bash and trash and otherwise ridicule – from their power-trippin' little-man AD, Scott Woodward, to Steve Sarkisian, who is recruiting kids off their tricycles these days.

I was at Coach Sark's news conference earlier this week, the one that kicks off fall camp for his team.

When you bleed crimson, it's tough to sit through a Coach Sark news conference. As he talks about "the uniqueness of the University of Washington" and "how special" it is and "how fortunate and honored we are to be a part of it," you have to remind yourself that you're getting free pizza once he's finished.

I also want to remember these comments three years from now when he's taking the Jacksonville Jaguars job – by then, the U Dub won't be special enough or unique enough to prevent him from leaving.

AS YOU KNOW, Coach Sark will resort to anything to try to improve his program, as evidenced by his recent recruitment of a 14-year-old quarterback in San Diego.

Last month Tate Martell verbally committed to play for the Dawgs in 2016, which pretty much eliminated the last shred of Coach Sark's credibility.

This is a man who talked Bishop Sankey out of his verbal commitment to Washington State.

This is a man who hired Tosh Lupoi away from his alma mater at Cal because of the recruiter's ability to woo blue-chippers. Sark was getting trashed on message boards and in the media for both his recruiting class and an embarrassing bowl game loss, so he enticed Lupoi to bail on Cal just before Signing Day. Lupoi then tried to raid the Bears' recruiting class for the Huskies, in one case successfully .

(If I'm Lupoi, even with my hundreds of thousands of dollars, I can't sleep at night. Can you imagine leaving Washington State to work for Washington? Johnny Nansen should hang his head in shame!)

BUT BACK TO Sark. This is a man who last February said: "There will come a day when every kid in the state of Washington dreams and hopes of playing for the Huskies. We're just not quite there yet."

(I'm guessing he must have conveniently forgotten that there's a new sheriff in town, which means the smarter kids will dream and hope to play for Mike Leach at Washington State.)

And Sarkisian's a man who fired defensive coordinator Nick Holt after the Huskies gave up 777 yards to Baylor in a 67-56 loss in the Alamo Bowl.

(It was a move that made sense, but I'll miss that little tough and gruff and overpaid presence on the sidelines as well as his horrible defense.)

WHILE I SAT there at his news conference, I was trying to figure out how Sarkisian so deftly escapes criticism from Husky fans. He is 19-18 in his three years as head coach, which by anyone's standards is mediocre.

But Dawg fans' expectations must have been lowered by that 0-12 season they had in 2008, setting a benchmark for badness that will always be cherished by Coug fans. What a thing of beauty that season was, one drubbing after another, losing even to us when we were without a doubt one awful football team.

Then last year when you'd expect strides of some sort, the Huskies got their doors blown off by ranked teams and even lost to the Beavers. Plus let's face it – if Jeff Tuel had played in the Apple Cup, he would have torn apart Holt's defense and we would have won the game.

When Coach Sark talked about the Alamo Bowl, my ears perked up and alerted my inner wise ass:

When he said: "We went toe to toe with the No. 10 team in the country," my inner wise ass said: "Yeah, right, toe to toe…allowing 67 points and looking utterly defenseless, not even covering the 10 ½-point spread."

When he said: "I like to think we exude mental toughness," my inner wise ass said: "Since when? The Huskies? Mental toughness? Please. Have another Zima."

When he said: "We're not flying under the radar anymore. Teams have circled us on their schedule," my inner wise ass said: "Bet you're right, coach, instead of Alabama and Florida, LSU's got a big red circle around Washington on Sept. 8. They must be shakin' in their cleats in Baton Rouge!"

So there you have it. As requested, an article completely focused on the Cougs. Man, I am just killin' it today.

Next week: Just who is Jessamyn McIntyre and how did she end up being the sideline reporter on Cougar radio broadcasts?

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