MOORE: Dishing on new WSU broadcasting booth

I WORK WITH her every day and starting in less than two weeks, Jessamyn McIntyre will be on every Cougar football broadcast as the new sideline reporter.

As you know, there's a somewhat different look to the broadcasting crew this year – Bob Robertson will be joined in the booth by Shawn McWashington and Bud Nameck while McIntyre takes over for Nameck on the sidelines.

I don't have any inside information – though I should since I work for the new Cougar football flagship station at 710 ESPN Seattle – but I'm guessing this is the first step toward Nameck replacing Bob Robertson as the voice of the Cougs at some point.

Let me go on record as saying that I want that point to be later rather than sooner. And that has nothing to do with Nameck because I like the guy and he does a great job on the Cougar basketball broadcasts.

Robertson is 83 and won't call the games forever even if I want him to. Here's the thing – from what I'm told, Bob Rob's lost a little off his fastball, but then, so have I, and I'm 55. I say "from what I'm told" because I don't know and I don't really care if he has – if he mistakes Gabe Marks for Rickey Galvin this year or tells us the ball is at the Washington State 36-yard line when it's actually at the 31, I'll live with it, just like Mariners fans lived with Dave Niehaus misjudging fly balls.

I want him to say "Touchdown Washington State" for as many years as he wants to keep saying it, and now that Mike Leach is here, there's a chance he could be saying it over and over and over again.

Robertson showed up at our office the other day for a meeting to discuss broadcasting plans for the season. The pre-game show will go from one hour to two hours this year. Among the new features, McIntyre will have a segment related to all things Leach and another involving the Cougs and social media – what's trending on Twitter, where to find the best tailgate and those types of things, getting the most up-to-date pulse on Coug Nation.

The one-hour post-game show will feature Nameck interviewing Leach and players followed by Coug Talk, hosted by Dennis Patchin and Vince Grippi, taking calls from Coug fans.

As is always the case, I'm awe-struck when I see Robertson because he's the man to me, as much as Kevin Calabro's the man to Sonics' fans. I'm so used to hearing Bill Swartz and Steve Sandmeyer and others doing Bob Rob impressions that it's strange to actually hear Robertson speaking himself.

I'VE ALSO RUN INTO McWashington a lot lately – at a Kitsap Cancer Services charity golf tournament hosted by former WSU football trainer Mark Smaha, and at a Seahawks' practice. Truth be known, I see Shawn every day – this will sound strange, but he's in the walk-in closet of my Cougar room, right there in a picture on the wall behind my chest of drawers, a rose in his teeth after the Cougs beat the Huskies in the Apple Cup to earn a berth in the 1998 Rose Bowl. What a beautiful day that was at Husky Stadium, even if it was raining.

McWashington is looking forward to the first broadcast at BYU. It will be interesting to see how the three-man booth works out with Robertson, McWashington and Nameck. I'm guessing it will be a work in progress that turns into a smooth-running operation by midseason.

When I saw McWashington at Seahawks practice, he was talking to Clete Casper, the Coug quarterback on the '82 team that beat the Dawgs in one of the most memorable Apple Cups ever, the Chuck Nelson wide-right Apple Cup at Martin Stadium.

This year marks the 30-year anniversary of that game, and the thing I like about that is that all of the reporters at all of the websites and newspapers will be writing stories about that game again, which allows us the chance to go back to that day and remember how we felt all over again.

Very quickly, as I recall, I was assigned to write a story about that game for the now-defunct Bellevue Journal-American, which means I had a hand in two papers going out of business since I went on to work for the now-defunct Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

I watched the first half from the pressbox but couldn't take it anymore. I went into the stands for the second half, drank MacNaughton's with my buddy Brad Taylor and ran onto the field to celebrate after we won, then returned to write my story in a kind-of drunken fashion. It was highly unprofessional but well worth it.

To this day, every time I see Nelson, I think of that game and it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, a feeling that returned when I saw Casper. I was proud of myself when I remembered that Clete's number was 9, for whatever that's worth, not much I know.

I had to bust McWashington's chops when he said he hadn't been to a Coug practice as yet.

"Jim Walden went to all of them," I said.

I have no idea if Walden went to all of the practices or not, but I do know that Walden is the man that McWashington is replacing in the booth so I had to give him a hard time just for the hell of it.

I'VE HAD THESE Bob Rob and McWashington sightings of late, but I run into McIntyre all the time because she produces "The Kevin Calabro Show" on 710 ESPN Seattle, and I'm the sidekick on the show.

As the producer, she is essentially my boss. Jessamyn is great to work with, and I can't think of a person who got a new job that I'm happier for than her. She's going to be terrific, and I can't wait to watch her trying to chase down Leach to catch up to him for the quick little interviews that sideline reporters do.

He's already warned her not to wear high heels. He likes to make a game of it with sideline reporters.

"Hope you're in good shape," Hal Mumme told McIntrye. Mumme coached with Leach at Iowa Wesleyan, Valdosta State and Kentucky.

McIntyre came to Seattle from Bristol, Conn., where she was in production with ESPN radio. Dan Patrick, who now has a national show on Fox Sports Radio, gave her some great advice when he said: "Don't just be another cute chick on the air. You have the ability to be great."

Jessamyn's dad is a college football coach so she knows the game. She plans to give extra insight from the sidelines, not just injury reports.

"I don't want to say that ‘this is happening,' " McIntyre said. "I want to say what it means." She'll report on the emotion of the sidelines, getting a feel for "the tenor of the team."

Jessamyn's perfect for an adopted Coug. She likes our scrappy Coug attitude. "They might be down, but they always get back up," she said.

I can also guarantee this about Jessamyn – you'll be just as apt to see her at The Coug as you will on the sideline. She describes herself as a "work-hard, play-hard kind of person," and I've seen evidence of both. Yep, she likes her beer, and she loves her dog – ask her how Benson is doing sometime.

McIntyre already owns Coug polo shirts and Coug T-shirts with plans to buy even more "so I'll always be Couged out." I like to think that I've helped her get in the habit of saying "Go Cougs" too.

If she handles her sideline duties the way she handles her radio job, you can expect a rising star and a fun one at that.

If you're not going to the game at BYU, join the Go 2 Guy at a 710 ESPN Seattle Cougar viewing party on Aug. 30 at the Village Pub in Magnolia.

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