Bruggman uses his feet in bounce-back win

ANTHEM, Ariz. -- Brophy Prep quarterback Tyler Bruggman made plays on the ground early and in the air late to defeat Anthem Boulder Creek, 35-14, on Friday. Bruggman was recruited by Washington State for his arm but at the beginning of the game it was his feet that were moving the ball downfield. The bottom line for the opposing coach? The future Coug is like playing against a coach on the field.

On the first play of Brophy's second drive Bruggman escaped the pocket and picked up five yards for the Broncos. Then when the team was six yards from the endzone, Bruggman saw and opening and took it for the first score of the game.

Bruggman said Brophy coach Scooter Molander would rather have him take the chance scrambling than an incompletion.

"We want him to run the ball if no one is open," Molander said. "We were able to drive it down, nobody was open, he ran around the end for a touchdown. So that was great, good development in that aspect and we did have an emphasis on that."

After that rushing touchdown Bruggman went back to the air. The next drive, Bruggman threw a 14-yard touchdown to senior receiver Devon Allen. Allen made a circus, bobbled catch in traffic.

Following those two back-to-back scoring drives the offense became stagnant and the Broncos went into halftime with a slim 14-7 lead.

Bruggman knew that the offense had to make a push coming out after half. But he did not get many chances in the third quarter. Bruggman only took nine seven snaps in the third because he threw an interception and Brophy senior linebacker Robert Relf blocked a punt for a touchdown.

In the fourth Bruggman had to take advantage of his throwing opportunities. And he did.

Bruggman had four completions in the fourth. All but one of them was over 20 yards. Bruggman's standout receiver was senior Matthew Auron. Auron had 3 catches for 84 yards and a touchdown.

The biggest throw was a well-drawn up screen pass to senior receiver Matthew Auron, who broke the play open to score a 41-yard touchdown.

Auron not only gave credit for the touchdown to his receivers for blocking down but also to his quarterback.

"Bruggman's such a great quarterback and of course he's going to such a high level because he is so good at reading," Auron said. "He had great confidence before the play. I knew Tyler would put it in the right place and he always does."

Going into the fourth quarter, Bruggman had a little boost from the blocked punt.

But Bruggman said his attitude in the fourth was to finish the game.

"We needed to keep the foot on the throttle and not get complacent," Bruggman said. "The first half was slow offensively…when we get the ball we need to get points on the board."

Bruggman went 8-16 Friday night and had 161 yards passing. He did not put up huge numbers through the air Friday because of two factors.

After Brophy's loss to Rancho Santa Margarita, Molander said the team needed to become more balanced offensively by being more productive running the ball.  Molander said they improved the run game against Boulder Creek.

Also Boulder Creek coach Dan Friedman said that defensive game plan was to shut down Allen. Friedman said they put extra players in the secondary leaving five in the box. Bruggman would unselfishly check to a run almost every time.

"He's like coaching against a coach on the field," Friedman said. "He's got a check for everything. He's the real deal. He's an unbelievable quarterback. He is going to do great at the next level."

Bruggman's interception Friday makes two on the season. He only had two picks the entire 2011 season.

His next contest is at home Friday Sept. 7 against Mesa Red Mountain.

42 of 86 passing (.488)
676 yards (225.33 per game)
5 passing TDs, 1 rushing
2 INTs

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