MOORE: Still in shock over way Cougs lost

I KNOW WE should all calm down and have a level-headed reaction to Thursday's 30-6 loss to BYU. We should acknowledge that it was the first game with the new coaching staff and understand that it will take time to produce a flawlessly functioning offense.

We should also know -- or at least hope -- that BYU is a very good team, maybe one of the best in country. Coach Bronco Mendenhall has said it's the most talented and deepest team he's had in his eight years in Provo.

We should also factor in that it was a road game, and it's always tougher to win away from home.

But can we forget all of that crap and talk about how I really felt?

Disappointed. Let down. Discouraged. Surprised. Maybe even shocked.

Frankly, I'm sick of losing. We sucked against BYU. I suppose it would be more appropriate if I said we stunk, but we sucked, which is worse than stunk in my book.

We were expected to lose, I get that. Vegas had us listed as 12 ½-point underdogs. I loved the Cougs and the points but didn't bet on the game because it was one of those lines that looked too good to be true -- the Cougs, with that high-powered Mike Leach offense, getting 12 ½ points, are you kidding me?

But as I've discovered the hard way so many times, when a line is too good to be true, it usually is, and such was the case in Provo.

I just didn't expect us to lose the way that we did. I thought we'd get beat 45-28 or 52-35 or heck, with my low expectations of our defense, I figured 59-38 might be the final score.


We didn't score a touchdown in a season opener for the first time since 1971. Bill Moos was a junior lineman on that team. How bad is that? 41 years. Unbelievable.

I thought we'd be a track team in football uniforms, racing up and down the field. I also thought we'd throw downfield more than we did. The one thing I liked about the Leach hiring over everything else? Cougar football would not be boring anymore. But what were we Thursday? Boring as hell. Boring beyond belief.

I watched the game at the Magnolia Village Pub in Seattle with a couple hundred Coug fans who seemed equally mystified and dejected. We were all fired up to usher in the Leach era -- maybe the Cougs didn't set any records last night, but the fans at the Village Pub did. Bar owner Joel Stedman said the booze buying broke the old one-night record by 30 percent. As evidence, the bar went through 10 kegs of Busch Light.

I didn't drink enough. Three beers and a shot of Jagermeister failed to ease the pain from that dog of a game. On the way home, I sought comfort in the form of a Dick's Deluxe, two orders of fries and a vanilla shake, none of which is on my diet, but it seemed like the thing to do at the time.

I saw a guy there with a Jeff Tuel jersey on. "Go Cougs," I said to him in a somber tone. "That was a tough one," he replied.

He's right, but you know what? I'm sick of tough ones. I'm ready for a good one. We've lost 40 games over the last four years, now 41 in five years. When do the football gods shine on us?

I don't want to sound whiny; I want to sound really whiny because I'm tired of watching us play like that. If I were a Husky, I'd be laying it on thick right now. I'd be laughing my ass off.

I know it's a knee-jerk reaction, but it's how I feel at the moment. I know we'll improve and it's part of a process, etc. I just didn't expect us to be that bad. I'm tired of my 8-year-old twins feeling like the Cougs are a bunch of losers because that's all they've ever known in their short little lives.

I guess I deserve to feel this way because I should know better. I should quit getting my hopes up when it comes to Cougar football. Not that I should get my hopes down -- whatever's in the middle, that's where I should be from now on so I won't get too disappointed or too excited one way or the other, if that makes sense.

That was the worst part -- here we were expecting something sensational or at least half-way entertaining, and we got that fizzling dud instead.

If you're Paul Wulff, how did you feel watching that game last night? I'll bet he was disappointed for his former players, but there had to be a part of him that thought to himself: "Serves ‘em right!"

Tuel's numbers look better than he did. He went 30 for 45 for 229 yards with two interceptions, the first of which should have been thrown into the stands -- I'm not sure what he was thinking there.

Again, it could be just a one-game aberration, but a buddy of mine, Robert Landick, texted me and said: "I hope it was just an execution problem, but I fear that our offense doesn't match up well with the speed and size of the upper-tier teams week in and week out."

We'll see. I'll be honest, I'm even worried now about next week's home opener against Eastern Washington, especially after the Eagles dusted Idaho 20-3 on Thursday. Eastern, as you'll recall, almost (should have!) beat the Dawgs last year in their home opener.

But next week is bound to be better. Tuel is bound to be better. If he's not, maybe we'll have a quarterback dilemma on our hands with Connor Halliday in the wings.

Whatever happens, however frustrated and disappointed I am now, I'll be back on board next week. And today I'm pulling for San Diego State.

It's life as a Coug.

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