The Buzz Board: Leach Era Debut Edition

IT'S A TRUE FACT: This long-time CF.C staple has made but two appearances in the last four years. But irreverence is a terrible thing to waste, so the ol' standby is back for its inaugural run of the Leach Era.

The quiver is fully restocked and the arrows are flying ...

What's up and whose down on Planet Coug
Transparency Be careful what you wish for, Pac-12 coaches. By hand-cuffing responsible media outlets in their reporting you're effectively building a megaphone for anyone with a cell phone and Twitter account who sees or catches a whiff of anything. Too much information, speculation and misinformation will rule the day.
Walk Ons Two-fifths of Washington State's starting offensive line against UNLV was composed of Cougs who came to WSU as walk ons. Gunnar Eklund, the Pride of Lake Stevens, and Elliott Bosch, the Spirit of Spokane, both turned in excellent efforts. In fact, Leach says Bosch, put on scholie last year, has been his most consistent hoss this season.
Masterpiece Theatre Give Steve Sarkisian a gold statue for his acting performance against Portland State. Or maybe a Golden Raspberry. The halftime temper tantrum he threw for his team's late hits and trash talking came off as so staged as to earn him an invite to the next Nutcracker tryout. Talk about fake urgency. Pass the toe shoes, Sir Righteous Sark is in the house.
Kicker U The next time you want to take a kicker for granted, take a look at the film from the Cougs' first three games. Kickoffs going deep into the endzone ... a 60-yard field goal ... If the Cougs go bowling this year, we all better toe the line in appreciation for Mike Bowlin and Andrew Furney.
Jerry Brewer Eighteen days and counting. The Seattle Times columnist hasn't written a saccharin-sweet, fact-fudging, Husky puff piece masquerading as journalism since Sept. 1. We've never admired your work more these past couple weeks, big fella. And that should be cause for an up arrow. But we'd regret it tomorrow, so thumbs down, baby.
Mike Leach It's hard not to love the Pirate. And given that it's his first year on the Palouse and most folks believe he could walk across the Snake without getting wet, we weren't going to ask about the head-scratching play calling at the end of the UNLV came that wound up giving the Rebels the ball back in the waning seconds. But then ol' Mike went and said this yesterday: "The reason [reporters are] interested in injuries is because they're not creative enough to keep their stories interesting." So that naturally begs this question: Mike, what exactly was in your Gatorade cup that resulted in the wacky display of clock management against UNLV?
Slick Rick No man has had more scorn heaped upon him by CF.C over the last dozen years than Mr. Sweater Vest. But we have to admit the ol' gambler is like a pig in slop in his new role with the Pac-12 Network.
Vince Grippi Old Buzz: Tireless scribe and very nice guy who did a bang up job covering the Cougars.

New Buzz: There's a reason he spent a career in newspaper and not radio. The Cougar post-game show he's hosting this season with Dennis Patchin could soon be replacing waterboarding at interrogation rooms around the world.

WSUguy1982 This longtime message board poster is a don't-miss read. He fires up mountains of good info about every Cougar sport on a daily basis.

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