A Colorado snapshot from Buffs' perspective

WHAT'S THE VIEW like from the Colorado perspective? What kind of team will the Cougs see when they line up from one another on Saturday? (1 p.m. TV: FX) What's the mood like in Boulder amongst the media and fans? Is the coach on the hot seat, or is that just chatter? For answers, we went to Michael Krumholtz of allbuffs.com. And he didn't paint a pretty picture...

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  • CF.C: Mike Leach has said Colorado is a fast, physical football team but they're not yet playing together as well as they are capable of, that CU also has some talented recruiting classes stacked up and that Colorado will eventually emerge and explode at some point. What's your take?

    Michael Krumholtz: Honestly, he's being kind. After these three shocking performances to start the season, I just don't see it happening under this regime. Those kids we do have lined up in our recruiting classes (like 4-star tight end Mitch Parsons) are starting to look elsewhere.

    CF.C: How young is this year's team and what's team speed like?

    Krumholtz: This is a young team, with three freshmen starting in the secondary and mostly freshmen making up the majority of the playmakers on offense. Still, people around the program are beginning to realize that they can't make youth an excuse for underachieving.

    And as far as team speed, there is basically none to speak of. On the edges, without star receiver Paul Richardson, the offense is crock-pot slow. Our best running back is Christian Powell, who's a fullback and won't scare anyone as a threat to take it to the house. Defensively, I didn't realize the defense was as slow as it is until last week's game where Fresno State had back-to-back scoring plays of 97 and 94 yards. This team won't be confused by anyone for being anything other than slow.

    CF.C: What's one area on offense and defense that hasn't played as well yet but could break out on Saturday?

    Krumholtz: Offensively, I think our tight ends have underperformed. And I say that knowing that every position group has underperformed, especially the offensive line. But Coach Jon Embree is known for coaching tight ends and I think Nick Kasa and DeVaughn Thornton should both only get better as the season goes on. That is, if the quarterback has enough time to find them.

    CF.C: What's the pulse of the CU fan base after the start so far? What's the local media saying?

    Krumholtz: What pulse? This season is dead. Former players are calling out coaches and players. The local media is even getting tired of hearing the same week-to-week things that it heard from Dan Hawkins. It's so bad here that some people legitimately want to fire the Chancellor.

    CF.C: Is Coach Embree actually on the hot seat or are people saying you have to give a guy more than 2 years?

    Krumholtz: I don't see how he can't be on the hot seat. If he's not on the hot seat after losing to a FCS school and Fresno State by 50+ points, then the CU administration just doesn't care about football anymore. Sure he was put in a hole, but he's doing his best to dig even further down. And most of us didn't even think that was possible.

    CF.C: What kind of talent/depth hand was Coach Embree dealt when he arrived at CU?

    Krumholtz: Like I touched on, he was put in a really bad position with few experienced players left over from the Hawkins debacle. His recruits are only sophomores and freshmen, which fans were excited about because of their supposed talent level, but it's all looking eerily similar.

    Really, Embree only needed to win three games this year and no one would have been too disappointed because of the lack of talent and speed. Now that they've lost all those three games they were favored to win when the season started, it speaks to the absolute lack of talent they have all around.

    CF.C: How is recruiting going for CU so far this year?

    Krumholtz: Recruiting has been going well, all things considered. They are currently sitting on 13 solid recruits, including the aforementioned Parsons who is the gem of the class. They are hitting on areas of need, but if the season keeps going this way it only seems a matter of time until people start jumping ship.

    CF.C: What's your prediction for the game?

    Krumholtz: 42-12 Washington State. Last week I turned on the game in the first quarter and it was 35-0 Fresno State. I wouldn't be surprised if Wazzu wins by 60. You'll be able to see for yourself how bad it is. Shield your eyes.

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