Bruggman is model of efficiency in blowout W

PHOENIX -- Future Cougar Tyler Bruggman was not on the field a long time Friday night -- he did not have to be. But during the time he was on the gridiron, things were really, really moving fast.

Bruggman, the leader of Brophy College Preparatory's fast-paced, no huddle offense, against Phoenix North Canyon High on Friday had the offense running faster than a cougar on attack.

The BCP offense under Bruggman put up 42 fast points, going on to win 56-7. How fast was Bruggman operating?

As soon as a tackle was made and the play was over, Bruggman got the call from the sideline, got under center and ran another play. Sometimes the defense was not even ready in their formation.

Up and down the field they went under Bruggman. A quick touchdown drive, head to the sidelines, quickly come back in and do it all over again.

After playing three games in 10 days to open the season, Bruggman and the Broncos (4-2) were wiped out. Coach Scooter Molander said the team is just now hitting its stride physically.

"We're getting faster," Molander said. "Football takes a long time to get in shape and you can do all the conditioning in the world in practice and -- it takes games. I think we are finally getting our legs under us."

TO BRUGGMAN, a rapid fire offense is just making each play successful.

"It really just helps with the execution of plays and that's all just guys working together," Bruggman said of his team's conditioning. "Me, personally, I didn't do anything spectacular. I watch film so that I'll be familiar with what you might see but other than that just play fast and get the call and get it relayed to everybody else."

Late in the second quarter Bruggman used the fast-paced offense to perfection on a quick score.

A great punt return had the Broncos knocking on the door on the five-yard line. After a running back dive, Bruggman set up the exact same play and ran it again when the defense was not ready. Result – touchdown.

Brophy senior receiver Devon Allen said the Broncos practice the fast offense constantly – and that the speed of the offense all begins with the quarterback.

"Tyler is the smartest guy in high school football right now," Allen said. "He's able to call the play, read the defense and call another play within the 25 seconds."

Brophy senior running back Marche Dennard had a break out game rushing for three rushing touchdowns including a 62 yarder - -something Bruggman said opened up the passing game.

Still, because of Dennard's success, Bruggman did not throw the ball that much during the game. He still had one of his more efficient games of the year.

Bruggman was 11-14 (79 percent) for 157 yards and three passing touchdowns.

ANOTHER GOOD SIGN -- Bruggman found senior receiver Devon Allen three times including one that went for a touchdown. It has been no secret that teams have been trying to game plan against the tandem.

The offense will have to continue to move at a high rate when Bruggman and the Broncos face their biggest in-state challenge next week. Bruggman and Co. will welcome undefeated Phoenix Mountain Pointe at home.


For the game:
11-of-14 (79 percent) for 157 yards with 3 passing touchdowns.


For the season:
62-of-124 passing (.491) for 967 yards, 10 TDs and 5 INTs

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