The Buzz Board: Wacky Times Edition

IN THE SPAN of three days the Cougs lost their way on the football field and their dish king in basketball. To make matters worse, the quarterback has the audacity to question the athletic director's decision to earn a possible $2 million by playing the Ducks in Seattle. Oh, the arrows they are a flyin' in and around Planet Coug this week.

What's up and who's down on Planet Coug
Common sense Less than 48 hours after peeing down their legs in an epic way in front of a Homecoming crowd, a couple of Cougar ballplayers see fit to pour hot water all over Bill Moos' $2 million cash windfall better known as playing Oregon in Seattle. Just one token of advice for the youngsters: Learn how to finish a football game before popping off.
Objectivity The Buzz Board may have spoken too soon last week in suggesting that Vince Grippi should stick with writing rather than talking. In the face of sidekick Dennis Patchin's Mr. Apologist routine, Vince was the height of objectivity and eloquence during Saturday's post-game radio show.
Marcus Capers The season is still two months off and we already miss ya, man. This all-purpose Mr. Reliable would have been the perfect tonic, both on the court and on the sidelines, to soften the blow of Reggie Moore's sudden absence. But time waits for no man, so here's to DaVonte Lacy channeling Taylor Rochestie this season.
Twitter CF.C is the first to admit we didn't get it. Seemed like a self-indulgent waste of time. And now we're hooked. Love that thing, even after certain fans call us nasty names when we suggest WSU is a basketball school following ridiculous losses to Colorado in football. Our account, @COUGFANcom, is now pushing 4,000 followers. That's just 2.8 million short of Kylie Jenner. Go figure.
Chip Kelly The rotund little fella ain't no Pete Carroll when it comes to taking the foot off the pedal in a rout. So we're preemptively firing the down arrow because we know he won't hesitate to ring up 60-plus this week on the woeful Cougar D.
Clock Management It ain't what it used to be. Two straight weeks of curious fourth-quarter administration suggests that the Pirate is rusty, that he values time about as much as Billy Beane does stolen bases, or that someone upstairs has a broken headset.
The 2011 Cougars Old Buzz: Program has turned the corner, just not far enough.

New Buzz: Even with the Lobster at the helm, they'd kick the Cougars that showed up Saturday against Colorado to Steptoe Butte and back again.
Being overshadowed Forget the final score. How fun was it to watch true freshmen Teondray Caldwell and Gabe Marks work their stuff against the Buffs? Caldwell rushed for 72 yards and collected another 115 in kick returns – including a 56-yarder that 31,668 people in Martin Stadium presumed was a win sealer for the Cougs. And Marks caught 7 passes for 107 yards and a TD. Young talent like this takes some sting out of the Colorado Calamity.
Pac-12 Refs Monday night's mayhem brought the full incompetence of the NFL's replacement refs to national prominence. In the process, something unthinkable was achieved: The last dozen years of utter ineptitude by the zebras from the Conference of Champions looks somehow less laughable now.
Black Beanies Limited-supply giveaway for UW's "blackout of the century" game against Stanford includes black gloves and beanies. Throw in a monocle and a cane and you've got a pretty sweet Mr. Peanut Soldier of Fortune costume. Ten bucks says Sarkisian will wear his during the staged/impromptu on-field halftime rant captured by ESPN cameras.
Crmsn12 This longtime message board poster expresses well-thought-out opinions in a measured, reasonable and "tell it like it is" manner -- what more could you ask for?

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