The Buzz Board: Straighter laced edition

IRREVERENCE is thy middle name. But this week we're playing things just a little straighter. Maybe it's the sobering reality of Reggie Moore's departure. Or the full-throated flush of having played Oregon tough for a half. Or perhaps the realization that we have nothing left to say about Mike Riley after years of whipping his phonier-than-thou goody-two-shoes act.

Regardless, the Buzz Board is on a roll not seen since the early 2000s. Three straight weeks of flying arrows! Let the shooting begin ...

What's up and who's down on Planet Coug
No. 63 for Oregon A truly bad combination: a big mouth and lots of unflagged punches to the throats of Cougar defensive linemen. A true poster child for why most of the western world dislikes Oregon.
Cougar fans Not only was CenturyLink dominated in a big way by crimson partisans on Saturday, but they stayed fired up almost all game long. Energy, atmosphere -- keep bringing it, folks.
Teondray Caldwell The freshman speedster is on track to shatter every kickoff return record in the crimson books. With 515 return yards so far this year he's on pace to challenge Mike Washington for No. 2 on the WSU CAREER record list late this season and break No. 1 Isiah Barton sometime next September. And if HE can maintain his 27.1 yards-per-return-average over his career, he'll eclipse the 49-year-old record established by Kenny Graham before he went on to star with the San Diego Chargers.
Jeff Tuel Always liked that guy. And based on his 25-yard scoring aerial to Marquess Wilson late in the game Saturday, he looks completely healed from the leg injury that felled him three weeks ago. That, coupled with the fact he has a stronger arm than his replacement and was completing 70.4% of his passes this season when he went down with injury (that's nearly 20 points higher than his replacement) suggests that the senior might warrant another shot at the starting job.
White flags Did you notice that WSU had little crimson Cougar flags sitting in all the seats at CenturyLink on Saturday? The week before against Colorado they had distributed little white Cougar flags. Both games were losses, but on the ol' positives meter, it's clear those white ones portended surrender against the lowly Buffs, while the crimson ones vs. the Ducks foreshadowed the fight and fury the Cougs threw at the No. 2 team in the land. Crimson vs. white? No contest. Bring on the crimson every time.
Common sense Two weeks in a row the 'ol CS (common sense) takes a down arrow to the groin. This time it's for Reggie Moore's dismissal from the hoops team. What is it with senior athletes (see Anthony Laurenzi) who seemingly have the world by the tail and then put themselves into avoidable binds that ruin their careers? No details on Reggie's infraction, but history offers up some ideas that scream out: What the hell were you thinking?
True Freshmen Old Buzz: Woody Hayes always said that for every one you start, chalk up an L on your record.

New Buzz: Woody shmoody. Mike Leach has burned 8 redshirts this season -- three of them (Caldwell, Marks and Bartolone) being bona fide fixtures out there -- and we like what we're seeing.
Ken Bone Admirably, you have to applaud Coach for sticking to his principals and booting his starting senior point guard (the reigning Pac-12 assists king, BTW.) Still, the loss of Moore is a very difficult hit to absorb when three of your now-top seven players are new to Pac-12 action. Don't know if Ken has any Irish blood in his veins, but here's to hoping the wind will be at his back and the sun shining warm upon his face the rest of the season.
Bill Moos Yes, he rebuilt the south side of Martin in a spectacular way. And yes he's about to get the green light to build a snazzy new football operations complex. And yes he hired Mike Leach. And yes he's bringing a new confidence to the culture. But tell you what, the way he's taken the WSU sports hall of fame by the horns and inducted so many long-overdue CougGreats in the last two years is really a testament to his love, respect and knowledge of the place.
Lee Corso Old Buzz: Funny, affable old guy we can't wait to get to Pullman for GameDay.

New Buzz: We've been waiting close to a decade now, and those goofy hats and stunts you're famous for are really starting to look Mickey Mouse.
Shawn McWashington This spot is always reserved for a longtime CF.C message board poster, and Shawn has only posted but a handful of missives on our boards. But here's the thing: He's always up front, comprehensive and insightful when he does. He also writes excellent commentaries for CF.C now and again. And (while we know we're biased) he's coming along like gangbusters in the broadcast booth. Three thumbs up for the old Fab Fiver.

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