Passionate Cougs filled Moos' inbox

MIKE LEACH'S public criticism of his players following WSU's 49-6 loss to Utah on Nov. 3 created a flurry of fan email traffic -- some pro and more con -- to Bill Moos, Elson Floyd and Leach himself, a public records request by related to the Marquess Wilson situation reveals.

CF.C's request to see all documents related to the school's review of the football program that was launched following Wilson's Nov. 10 claim of abuse by the coaching staff has yielded hundreds of pieces of information, including a plethora of emails from fans focused on Leach's withering comments about his players' effort after the Utah game.

Here is a sampling, with last names and email addresses of the senders removed:

Mr. Moos,
This is not what WSU is all about.
-- Bill M.

Mr. Moos,
I just wanted to offer my support in view of present circumstances with football. I see frustration at the root of a great majority of the issues I am reading and hearing about. Losing seasons breed it at every level. When adversity hits, you keep doing what you know works. Mike will win, and he will stay the course doing what he believes is the best way to be successful, as any coach in his position would.
-- Murray K

Marquess Wilson's Text
to Bill Moos

From among the documents received from WSU on Tuesday following a public records request was this Nov. 10 text from the junior wide receiver to the athletic director.

"Mr. Moos this is marquess ... With that letter I wasn't trying to accuse the coaches of hitting players or anything. I was just trying to put it in different terms and now everything is getting misinterpreted and I didn't mean it like that at all … I simply was trying to get my story across and get my name cleared instead of having it say I'm suspended for breaking team violations … That could mean like I did drugs or something … I was never trying to harm the university or the program with it"

The public records don't show Moos responding to Wilson directly, but forwarding it to WSU President Elson Floyd.

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I am a fourth generation W.S.U. graduate. I have always been proud to be a Cougar. I still am, except for one glaring exception. Coach Leach. Berating and humiliating the young men comprising the Cougar football team is unacceptable. There is absolutely no circumstance in which Coach Leach's rants should be tolerated. The millions of dollars wasted on Coach Leach have accomplished a few things: *He has embarrassed the University. *He has made of fool of himself, and to a lesser extent, you. *Every other university in the country is, more than likely, thrilled that "We" are stuck with him, not them. Was it worth it to try to buy a winning football team? I think not. I remember when Coach Price rode up on a horse, dressed like a Trojan before our game against USC. Imagine that. A coach, a WINNING coach, did things to build up his team instead of tearing them down. Coach Leach is a disgrace. Our University deserves better. The fans deserve better. The players deserve better. - Stacey G.

... Also, for what it is worth, my family and friends who follow WSU athletics closely, all appreciate your stand with (Coach) Leach and his staff. We believe the word abuse is being abused in these allegations.
- Kevin M.

Coach Leach,
As a '94 Coug Alum, I want to thank you for taking a strong stance for what you believe is right in making Cougar Football something to be proud of once again. I respect your courage in standing up to the media and anyone else (including fellow Cougs) who second guess or monday morning quarterback your decisions ... I admire what you are doing in your tactics to change the culture of Cougar football. Your attention to accountability, selflessness, TEAM, and high expectectations will better prepare these young men in any challenges they may confront ahead of them in life...
-- Warren B.

....He seems to not get 'it' that he is supposed to be a COACH. Coach's are primarily there to encourage, train, help, motivate, support, direct, all those positive statements you can muster, so that they build a team from the students that have been accepted into the program. How on earth is he going to attract good players with his record so far? Not going to happen. This coach does NOT appear to have the respect of the team, nor can he develop a team spirit. He seems to be more interested in his own pay package, his 5 bedroom new home, and he own well being, then that of the development of his team. I am not obviously a football player, and I am female, but I SURE know a lot of great coaches in other aspects of life, and NONE of them would act this person does...
-- Shirley H.

Mr. Moos,
I am a very frustrated WSU fan ... I was really excited about the hiring of Leach because he was a high profile coach that could take WSU to a bowl game. However, I am completely disguisted by the actions of this "coach". I am not sure he should be called a coach. A coach is a teacher not a name calling jerk .... How do you expect any player coming from high school or another college to choose to play for WSU if he thinks this is the way he would be treated? I think that this is a fair question. Is this how he will motivate the new recruits? I wouldn't let my son play for him ....
-- Kathy I.

Athletic Director Moos,
I hope you take note of the dis-service that has been done to Washington State University by bringing a person of Mike Leach's character into the fold ... I am an alumni of WSU (‘04), but even if I weren't I still would have been appalled and disgusted by Leach's attitude, actions and comments during and after the game in Utah on November 3, 2012 .... isn't Leach paid his exorbitant salary to be the face of the WSU football program among other things? Yet he still felt compelled to force those young players out for further humiliation during the press conference. What a class individual he is! ....
-- Dave H/

(To Bill Moos)
I'm sure you're getting a million pings from Cougar Nation but here's one more. I was the biggest proponent for Mike Leach, still believe he could be a good fit. However the latest approach is very concerning .... Anyone who's worked with young adults realizes that tough love and breaking down their character only works for some and isn't always the best move across the board...especially for those kids that aren't bad apples .... Obviously I'm not there at practice, on the sidelines or in the lockeroom, but Leach's message and tone is already tough to swallow. I get that he's trying to change a culture but good leaders look in the mirror and ask themselves what they can do better and are the first person to take one for the team and jump on the bomb...he loves throwing people under the bus .... Not sure you and President Floyd are on board with seeing a kid like Travis Long and the commitment he's shown over the years, walking out of a press conference in tears. Good men don't do this to people who put it on the line. Only hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears.
--Albert H.

An Angry Letter

From among the documents received from WSU on Tuesday following a public records request was this Nov. 1 email to a host of WSU officals. It arrived before the Utah game and be before Marquess Wilson left the program and made public his allegations. The letter voices numerous complaints, and appears to have been sent by a family member of a player who departed the program under Leach, but names are redacted.)

In response to the letter, Bill Moos emailed President Floyd and others and said, "In the aftermath of my visit with Mike (Leach), and others who are involved with the football program on a daily basis, I have concluded that a number of what (redacted) stated was exaggerated or simply not true. There were, however, a couple of concerns that had merit and they have been addressed." You can read the emails by clicking:
here, here, here and here

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I stand in support of Coach Leach...My interest stems not only from my alumni status, Class of 70, I was a four-year letterman on the WSU swim team. We occupied the cellar of the PAC 8 during those years, there is no glory in losing. I would have much appreciated a tough no-nonsense program having been recruited from Wilson High School/Hannula program where the school under a no-nonsense coach accumulated 24 straight High School swimming championships. There's nothing like being a winner!
- Bruce J.

I missed the Utah game...But Coach Leach, in my opinion, really went far out of bounds when he made his offensive and defensive lines face the post-game press conference after the Utah game... You don't see or hear about other college coaches humiliating his players like Leach is. No coach can win the respect and affection of a present day college team by hanging his kids out to dry like that...If Mike isn't reigned in , you can fairly predict that rival coaches will make a big deal of Leach's public explosions. It will have programmatic consequences... For the sake of the program and for the sake of all of us who have invested in the future of Cougar Football, I earnestly request that you reign Mike in and get to it before he has another embarrassing melt down.
-- Roger R.

I have an B.A. degree from Texas Tech and an MBA from The University of Texas…It goes without saying that anyone could go through any program in the country including Washington State and find disgruntled former players who will say they were not treated right and if it was not for the coach they would have been a star. That is also true in business world, with employees and managers.
- Sincerely, Gary H.

Bill, I am writing this email as a cougar alumni and a huge fan and supporter of our sports program. I just wanted to express my opinion about coach Leach. I think the coach is absolutely amazing and am very happy about what he has done with this program. As I am writing this letter I have to mentioned we just had a HUGE stop on 4th down against UCLA. The players who are comfortable with the way things were I am glad have left the program. I remember my freshman year when we beat Roy Williams and Texas in the Holliday Bowl. With coach Leach in a few years I believe this will be possible again. Thank you again for an amazing football coach and team! Go COUGS!!!
-Kurt K.

Your football team looks absolutely pathetic this year. I've seen better junior high school players and attitudes. Your offensive and defensive plays and tactics suck, worst I've ever seen. The teams efforts at today's Utah game looked ridiculous! 31/Zip at the half?? Why did you give the head coaching job to Leach? His coaching tecniques are rude and crude. After all the losing years with Wulff, looks like you picked another LOSER for a coach. Say goodbye to the rest of the season. Looks like a 2/10 year!
- Mike A.

You hired a jack-ass as your football coach. Now he has continued to expand his legacy of abuse of destruction of student athletes. I am an Oregon Duck fan Bill. I would never write an email to you unless I were disgusted. I am. Shame on you! Shame on you for how you treated the best womens basketball coach of all time Jody which the program has never recovered from you misdirection! To how you shamefully attempted to match wits with our largest your shame.... I wonder though...based on your decisions. I feel sorry for WSU. Those fans deserve better then you have given them.
- Erik S.

Dear Mr. Moos,
Like many WSU die hard fans, I was excited and energized about the hiring of Mike Leach... Making players go out to face the press as a unit? Simply with the goal of humiliating them? Say it isn't so...I was embarrassed to be a Coug all day yesterday and the vast majority of Cougs that I spoke with, texted, or e-mailed agreed. ..I am upset about how our athletes are being treated and embarrassed. Do it in house, away from the media. Our team captain leaves the podium in tears? I've never heard of such a thing.
-- Steve C.

To say the least, my wife and I are extremely disappointed in Coach Leach's humiliating treatment of the football team after the Utah Game. There is no excuse for him treating young men like he did. The team needs leadership from him and his coaches, not persecution. He is simply a bully, and that is not to be tolerated in today's society. I clearly understand needing to work hard and having to be tough at times as I played football for WSU in the 1960s and have been a supporter both financially and emotionally ever since.
-- Larry G.

Mr. Moos,
I am writing a brief note to express my great disappointment in Mr. Leach and his constant rants and disparaging tirades regarding the youth under his direction...Mr. Leach's constant public berating of his players is offensive, inappropriate and reflects more on his deficiencies than his players. Cougar pride is real and has been constant, even in less than successful years. His actions do not meet the lowest level of Cougar pride...Things are not happy in my circle of WSU alums over here in 206 land. Something needs to be done or Mr. Leach will lose his team, his fan support and all respect.
- Ric J.

Hi Bill,
You don't know me but I'm a 1970 graduate and lover of WSU and all it stands for. In the past, it's been hard to lose football games but I'd rather lose than be a part of the words and attitudes of our now football coach. I'm embarrassed by his verbal abuse of the team and his put-down of kids that have worked hard. I'd rather have Whulf (?) back and lose than see these kids being abused. I raised two fine young men and they played varsity soccer at other universities. I would never allow them to play under Leach. You hired him so get him and his mouth under control...My husband gives to the UW foundation so he can get basketball season tickets. He told me to give WSU the same amount. I can't until Leach changes or leaves...
- Judi S.

I think Mike Leach is an outstanding coach and innovator. I agree with his hard line on discipline and don't have any issue with dismissals of players and other growing pains. Please let your coach know that we think he's great, and to please not stop talking and telling his stories at press conferences because we love that too. Just let me say, however, that having to watch Coach Leach discipline his players is NOT part our job as fans and supporters of the program. If he thinks we actually get any fulfillment or other value from watching that stuff he is much mistaken. I understand that it has to be done at times and I'm okay with that, but nobody outside of the team wants to see that stuff being carried out and if they do, then there's something very wrong with them.
- Doug C.

You must be PROUD! $12-$15 million spent, kids getting their lives jerked around, WSU now a joke throughout the nation all by a PSYCHO who embarrasses the University on a daily basis! I'm sure you and Floyd will figure out some way to pat yourselves on the back!!!
-- Tom W.

As a season ticket holder and alumni I am loving Mike Leach as our head coach. He's doing the right things to make our football team better and is a proven winner. The bandwagon jumpers can get off, if they like, but they'll be back in a couple of years when things are really good and everyone will be on board...
- Randy S.

The Leach selection by Bill Moos has excited many cougar alum and jump started the football program. I am now reading articles were it is being reported Mike Leach is leaving at the end of the season for Arkansas. Is this true?
- Patrick S.

Mr. Moos -
I am fourth generation Cougar and one of my kids represents the fifth generation Coug of our family, and I have been ashamed, embarrassed, and disgusted regarding how Mike Leach humiliates and degrades his players outside of the locker room and especially to the press.. We are NOT sending our children and future leaders of our state to WSU to learn the values of humiliation and degradation. Cut your losses and please reevaluate your decision on Mike Leach...And it is abuse when his calling out "our" players outside the locker room...What is more bothersome, is that you and president Floyd are condoning this reckless behavior...Please do something about this reckless behavior. It is embarrassing to our university. Fix the leak, rather Fix the Leach before it gets worse, Bill!
- Debbie N.

Good morning Coach, Thanks for being the coach during a time of change. These are most certainly, interesting times for WSU Football… I read with interest your comments on individual effort across the men's football team. Your words reminded me of an interesting video I have seen that perhaps the lads would do well to take a look at…it's only a couple minutes long. Vince Lombardi told the same story to his men that you are telling our Cougs…effort matters. - Richard D. You're the boss. The buck stops with you. Take responsibility. Admit you've made a mistake; and get that guy out of here before he does even more damage. WSU will suffer from Leach's vile personality, inability to motivate and total lack of appreciation of Cougar Family for years to come, as it is. (He goes; or I go. I don't make the biggest contribution to the athletic fund; but I'm terminating my contributions if he's still here at the end of the season.) - Nancy D. Dear President Floyd, I'm an alum (1988), a long time donor and season ticket holder...In all of this time I have never once written in to complain about the football team and how it was being managed until now...Its heartbreaking to have to say this. I can and I have lived with losing seasons and I know that this will turn around, I can also live with admonishment for a poor performance but I can't abide by cruelty without remorse. I won't be associated with that or lend financial support to it. I've invested enough money and time over the past 23 years to get some kind of word or explanation for all of this. It was the choice of the coach to make all this dirty laundry public and now that he has gone and done that I think we all deserve to fully understand what and why.
- Robert C.

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