Texas WR wowed on Wazzu trip

IT WAS, said a wide receiver prospect this weekend, an unbelievable official visit to Washington State. From bonding with the players to trying on Cougar gear, the experience was all he was hoping for and it has him seriously considering going crimson.

Waco, Tex. product Hunter Jarmon was ecstatic following his trip to Washington State. CF.C caught up with the receiver and he couldn't say enough about all things Cougs.

"Oh man, it went really well," Jarmon said. "I was expecting to land and enjoy the campus, but it's truly a college town and it changed my whole perspective on WSU. The coaches were great and I loved everything about Pullman."

Jarmon did not commit during his trip -- he said he entered his visit knowing he wouldn't pull the trigger. He has one more visit scheduled to Texas Tech next weekend. He also said his time spent in Pullman will be a difficult one to match.

"It really raised my intrigue in Washington State," Jarmon said. "I now know a lot about the program and know how to rate them against other colleges. I didn't commit, but they are up there for me right now. I still have one more visit, but I'll probably make my decision a few days after that."

Jarmon was hosted by sophomore linebacker to be Jeremiah Allison and the two hit it off right away.

"He was a really cool guy," Jarmon said. "He's really laid back and we both had joking personalities. I really enjoyed spending time with him and he took me around campus and showed me a lot of the great food joints. It was pretty cool and I like that Pullman is such a college town. Most campuses I've seen have a campus and a city, but with Pullman it's the campus and no life around Pullman. It's all about Washington State there and I really liked that."

Jarmon said a highlight of the trip was being able to bond with the other recruits and also spend some quality one on one time with head coach Mike Leach. The two talked about Jarmon's future and how Leach thinks the 6-1, 185-pound WR could fit in the Air Raid offense.

"He was telling me how I can fit into his offense and how I can make plays," Jarmon said. "He described me as a Michael Crabtree-type player because I have big physical hands and I play just like him. We got to know each other a little bit better and I liked speaking with him. He's been my favorite coach since I was a little kid and he's a really laid back guy."

Something else that stood out for Jarmon during his trip was the crazy weather that the Palouse has to offer. The snowfall was consistent throughout the weekend and it was a different experience than what Jarmon is used to. It's another aspect of the trip that Jarmon said he thoroughly enjoyed.

"The best thing about sports is playing in cold weather," Jarmon said. "Whether it's baseball in October or football in the playoffs, you have to get used to it. I enjoyed it and it was good having the other guys from Texas (Dwayne Johnson and Zelt Minor) experience it with me. We all thought it was pretty cool."

During his trip, arguably the biggest highlight, Jarmon said, was the opportunity to meet with the other players and get to try on some of the Cougar gear.

"I loved the team," Jarmon said. "They were a close knit group and all their sports programs are a big athletic family. I also loved the jerseys and colors. The uniform combos even intrigued me more in the school. I got to try on all three jerseys and it had my number on them too, which was cool.

"I've loved WSU for a long time and they're in my top three, but I could definitely see myself wearing those colors."

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