Dave Emerick shares his signing-day insights

DAVE EMERICK, Washington State's recruiting coordinator and chief of staff, spent some time Wednesday answering questions from an enthusiastic group of CF.C subscribers who jumped into the Chat Room for a little signing-day insight. Here's a transcript of highlights from the wide-ranging Q&A.

  • wakajaka Did this class pretty much end up with the types of people you wanted at the positions you wanted?
    Dave Emerick: wakajaka, this class shaped up pretty much as we were hoping it would. We put a huge emphasis on both lines, and are really excited about the guys we were able to get.

  • AA45Coug Dave, how intense was the wait for Tyler Bruggman?
    Dave Emerick: AA45Coug, we have a great relationship with Tyler and his family and felt really good about him signing the papers. Of course, nothing is final until the fax goes through!

  • wakajaka Which kids do you see having the chance to play next year?
    Dave Emerick: wakajaka, we anticipate the Junior College kids (McLennan, Faoliu, Seydel) to compete for positions. They will have the opportunity to go through spring ball and learn our systems. As far as freshmen, I think several of them will have a chance to play next season.

  • AlwaysCougarFan Dave, why not a huge focus on JC's this year?
    Dave Emerick: AlwaysCougarFan, It is our intention to never put a huge emphasis on Junior College kids.We will typically sign zero to five junior-college kids per year. If we do find JC kids that we believe can help us, we will absolutely recruit (them), but we try to focus mainly on high school kids.

  • jcarpent99 Who do you feel is the diamond in the rough in this recruiting class?
    Dave Emerick: jcarpent99, they are several "lower rated" guys that we feel really good about: Cole Madison, Matt Meyer, Emmit Sua Kalio, Daniel Ekuale, Charleston White, and Darius Lemora all have a chance to be great players But if I had to pick just one, I would say Cole Madison.

  • AGRcoug Dave, can you tell us a little about Charlston White? Is he really a sub-4.4 guy? Is he somebody you felt fell under the radar for a lot of schools?
    Dave Emerick: AGRcoug, Charleston White ran a 4.39 at a couple different summer camps. He is an exceptional talent, great basketball player, and will bring in the type of athleticism that we are looking for.

  • CrimsonJT Who in this class would you say looks like they're bound for the NFL?
    Dave Emerick: CrimsonJT, just looking at body type without paying attention to anything else, Vince Mayle and Cody O'Connell look the most like NFL players.

  • SmokeyDesperado: Dave, who is the best athlete in this class in your opinion?
    Dave Emerick: SmokeyDesperado, just based on athleticism, Charleston White would be up there.

  • ffffws Where do you see Isaac Dotson playing?
    Dave Emerick: ffffws, Isaac is just a natural talent and will be given a look at QB but could play S, LB, and even WR with his athleticism.

  • SmokeyDesperado What kind of player is Ivan McClennan going to be?
    Dave Emerick: SmokeyDesperado, Ivan is a tall, rangy, fast and athletic linebacker that we are really excited about. He has a lot of recruiting attention and chose the Cougs to help bring this program back to greatness.

  • AlwaysCougarFan Dave, two recruits I'm exited about are Daquawn Brown and Carlos Freeman. Any thoughts on them?
    Dave Emerick: AlwaysCougarFan, we are extremely excited about those kids as well. Carlos is a 3.9 student, will contend for the state wrestling championship in the state of Oklahoma, and is a great player. We felt like Daquawn is one of the best defensive backs in the state of California. He turned down a lot of offers to be a Coug, and we feel like he will have a chance to contribute very early in his career.

  • SmokeyDesperado With the attention other schools were giving Paulo Lepua, how pumped was the staff to get him? He was a guy I thought would be tough to get.
    Dave Emerick: SmokeyDesperado, Dennis Simmons and Joe Salave'a did a great job recruiting Paulo Lepua. He is another highly recruited kid that had a lot of offers. I suppose 26 sacks his senior year had a lot to do with that!

  • CrimsonJT Can one of these new recruits turn into the next Travis Long at DE or BUCK?
    Dave Emerick: CrimsonJT, we think that Ivan McLennan will be able to play that position and Emmitt Sua Kalio will be a younger guy to watch for at the position.

  • Cdacoug Coach, I see that both kids from Samoa have signed. How hard is it to get ahold of those kids?
    Dave Emerick: Cdacoug, Joe Salavea is a legend in American Samoa! He does a great job of finding players and developing relationships with them. Obviously, he can't fly there every week, but made it to American Samoa three times during the recruiting period

  • crimsonjesus Dave, excited about new Coach Yost; where will his area of recruiting be in the upcoming years?
    Dave Emerick: crimsonjesus, Coach Yost is an awesome addition to our staff. He has a track record of being a great offensive coach and an outstanding recruiter. We haven't yet defined his area but will be leaning on his knowledge a great deal in the recruiting process.

  • AlwaysCougarFan Do you have a set number of how many offensive linemen you want per class?
    Dave Emerick: alwayscougarfan, we like to have 18-20 scholarship offensive linemen on our roster. Coach Leach puts a huge emphasis on the OL and we will typically take five to seven per year.

  • Fab5Coug Coach Emerick, how would you say recruiting has changed over the last five or 10 years?
    Dave Emerick: Fab5Coug, The NCAA instituted a rule where you can only sign 25 prospects to NLIs regardless of whether they are going to qualify or not; whether they are going to greyshirt or not, etc. This leaves little room for error as in the past couple years you could sign 28, and years before that it was unlimited.

  • snohomishcoug After being on the Palouse for a year now, what is the biggest asset on selling student athletes on WSU?
    Dave Emerick: snohomishcoug, WSU has a lot of great selling points but a few of the things that we sell are the people, starting with Dr. Floyd and Bill Moos, and the direction in which this program is headed. The new facilities are a huge draw, as well as WSU truly being a college experience.

  • wakajaka, Is it hard to sell the new operations building to the kids since it hasn't been constructed yet, or is it easy considering they will be the first ones to use it next year?
    Dave Emerick: wakajaka, the Football Operations building is a huge deal for recruits. The biggest thing that we tell recruits is that the shovel is in the ground; it is actually happening. It's not just a far-off dream; these brand new, state-of-the-art facilities will be here soon!

  • AlwaysCougarFan Dave, what percentage is spent recruiting LA about?
    Dave Emerick: AlwaysCougarFan, we place a great deal of attention in LA and since we have been here had have a lot of success in the area. We will continue to place a great emphasis in the area.

  • Steintime Coach, who is showing well during midnight maneuvers?
    Dave Emerick: Steintime, the guys are working hard and doing a great job so far during midnight manuevers. Connor Halliday, Austin Apodaca, Darryl Monroe, Kache Palacio, and Toni Pole are just a few of the guys that are really standing out.

  • jcarpent99 How is Austin Apodaca progressing in the offense?
    Dave Emerick: jcarpent99, Austin Apodaca is progressing well. He is emerging as a leader along with Connor and will push Connor this spring for the first-team QB spot. We are excited about his future.

  • jcarpent99 Do you see Bruggman competing for a starting job in his freshman season?
    Dave Emerick: jcarpent99, it will depend on how fast he can pick up the offense but Coach Leach is constantly evaluating our QBs, and the one that will give us the best opportunity to win will play.

  • Cdacoug When is Coach Leach on ESPN today? They always have him on.
    Dave Emerick: Coach Leach is sitting in my office right now so I can tell you he isn't on ESPN right now!

  • Steintime What did Leach say to you when he walked into the room?
    Dave Emerick: He said, "What are you doing, Super Dave?"

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