Checking in with Leach on Midnight Maneuvers

WITH ALL EYES on recruiting of late, it can be easy to forget what's going on with the current roster players. The Cougs are already deep into their offseason regimen – they've already completed all of the Midnight Maneuver sessions, Mike Leach's uber-intense offseason conditioning program. So how to compare this year's Midnight Maneuvers to last year? How did the Cougars do? We asked Leach…

"Our conditioning this offseason has been a great deal ahead of where we were at this point last year," said Leach.

That's about as glowing as it gets from the Wazzu head man.

Midnight Maneuvers, with team building also among the primary focuses, dates back to Leach's days at Texas Tech. The NCAA allows a two-week winter conditioning circuit during the offseason where coaches can work the players in conditioning drills. The supervised workouts are capped at two hours per and at eight hours per week.

The workouts aren't actually run at midnight, more like late-night. But they pack a wallop.

THE WORKOUTS ARE generally broken down into nine stations. Each player will be at a station for three minutes, and given one minute of rest in between.

Each station focuses on footwork, agility and it goes without saying, conditioning.

Players are given different colored shirts to wear based on their performance in the previous workout -- black, gray and pink.

There were more black shirts being worn this year, and fewer pinks. Last year, several players told CF.C the Maneuvers were the hardest thing they'd ever done.

But based on what Leach had to say, it's clear the 2013 Cougs have pushed their conditioning up a level from last year.

"They have a better understanding of what is expected of them and they have higher expectations for themselves," said Leach. "We need to continue competing in all aspects of our development and take that progress into spring practice and also the classroom."

It certainly sounds as if Leach is pleased with what he's seen, but only to a point -- players can always do better and there's more work to be done in the weeks and months ahead. And in all facets of being a student-athlete at Washington State.

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