'Sculpted' Jacobson, Cougs ready for Pro Day

PULLMAN -- WSU's Pro Day is Thursday, and offensive lineman Wade Jacobson is relishing the chance to show NFL scouts all the hard work he's put in has paid off. There's been a dietary change too -- the days of eating two Subway foot-long sandwiches for lunch are long gone for Jacobson. After a rigorous offseason, which included the newfangled diet, Jacobson says he's ready to turn heads.

If you've ever met the demonstrative Jacobson, you know he of all people will be very excited to show off his new ‘sculpted' body come Thursday at Washington State's Pro Day.

For the past eight weeks, the Hollister, California native has been working out in Provo, Utah under the direction of his personal trainer Dave Stroshine, his nutritionist and his agent. Jacobson said to say he's transformed himself physically would be quite the understatement.

Call it a complete Wade renovation.

"I've been eating nothing but chicken, broccoli, raw peanut butter and protein shakes," Jacobson said. "Dude, I couldn't tell you the last time I had a piece of bread."

But the always upbeat Jacobson remains un-phased.

At one point, Jacobson said he was being instructed to eat five almonds instead of 10, calculating each and every ounce he consumed. He said the diet took some getting used to, but the results he's seen are going to boggle the minds of scouts and fans alike.

"Let's just put it this way; I'm putting up numbers my position shouldn't be posting," Jacobson said.

THAT DOESN'T MEAN we should expect this jovial, 6-6 hogmollie to come out and run a 4.4 forty-yard dash on Thursday, but that's not what Jacobson has been striving for. In fact, he and his personal trainer made his goals this winter simple; Regardless of whether he was invited to the NFL combine, post numbers in the top five of every category for his position.

According to Jacobson, it's not out of the question.

"I'm still at a solid 300 pounds, but I've lost ten pounds of fat and replaced it with muscle," Jacobson said. "We took pictures before my regimen started and we just look at them and laugh."

Jacobson said he's reduced his body fat index by 15 percent.

By the sounds of it, it's a complete transformation for a guy who's struggled with back issues his entire collegiate career.

"Teams have told me they're going to sign me after the draft if nobody takes me on draft day," Jacobson said. "Everybody knows about the history with my back, but I'm past that now. It hasn't bothered me in over a year and a half."

Regardless of how draft day goes, the WSU road grader is determined to continue his career and not just for himself.

"Honestly man, I've come from such a small town and I want to do something big for them," Jacobson said. "I've already got my degree, so going back to school isn't a worry right now. Whether it's the NFL, CFL, AFL, I don't care; I want to play football and make my hometown proud."

Jacobson will join fellow seniors quarterback Jeff Tuel, running back Carl Winston, cornerback Daniel Simmons and others at the WSU indoor practice facility tomorrow beginning at 10 a.m. for private workouts in front of NFL clubs.

The event is closed to the public but CF.C will be there and will be bringing you full coverage.

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