Quietly, Galvin looks to go deep this spring

AND THE AWARD for Most Under the Radar Player this Spring at WSU in a Key Performing Role goes to… Rickey Galvin. Since Week 2 of last year when he broke his arm for the second time, the Cougar running-back-turned-wide-receiver has been quietly biding his time, working and waiting until he could pad up and hit the field once more. That opportunity arrives for Galvin in less than two weeks.

Rickey Galvin will be an inside receiver under new assistant coach Dave Yost. Galvin, 100 percent headed into spring ball and without limitation, said his goals this spring are not complicated.

"Just to get better as a receiver and work on the small things," said Galvin. "I want to get better with route running, understanding defenses and understanding more on the offense. It's about getting open and making plays…. I've watched a lot of film (this past year), I was back out on the field pretty quickly, (taking mental reps).

"I just want to be someone who can make plays, be a leader, be a hard worker -- just being consistent and that's the biggest thing, the best players are the ones that are most consistent. I don't talk a lot on the field or do anything like that but I like to see people lead by example. I haven't been able to spend too much time with Coach Yost, but I'm getting to know him, he's a really good coach."

It was in the second game of last season that Galvin broke his arm, the same arm he broke as a freshman. With a second full season of rehab ahead of him, was there a time he thought about giving up the game.

"Never," said Galvin. "It's a physical sports and things happen… so I look at it as this is just another part of my story, overcoming adversity, and not going to let anything get in the way of that… it was just a freak accident (that he broke the same arm twice), I've been playing quite a while and never had issues."

Before the injury, Galvin was making the transition from running back to wide receiver. How difficult was that, and how comfortable does he feel heading into the spring?

"It wasn't a difficult change," said Galvin. "As a running back you have to know what everyone else is doing on the field anyway. The biggest thing for me was learning the routes, running the routes exactly -- how to do that 100 percent correctly was the most difficult thing.

"I feel pretty comfortable…there's a lot of space out there…I try to make it as difficult as possible for the defense and I feel like I have the advantage… I've been working on a lot of speed training this offseason, I feel like it's been a pretty good offseason for me and the whole team."

Galvin said his rehab was made easier by his teammates. "My spirits weren't ever really that low, but the guys in the 2010 class with me, those guys especially helped keep me on the same track and never let me get behind or be too hard on myself," said Galvin.

Breaking an arm doesn't just cut a season short, it makes every day life difficult – especially a student. But Galvin said it wasn't as bad this time around. "The first time, it was a big deal. But the second time it happened, you know what to do and how to get things done."

Galvin, who has been in bands and writes music and poetry, envisions a career in music when his playing days come to an end. "Music is always a big part of what I'm doing. It helps motivate me…it helps me to work harder."

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