Projecting WSU's 2014 class by position

TWO MONTHS AGO, Washington State was looking at a class of 20 signees for next February. But things tend to change over the course of the recruiting cycle. Here is CF.C's newest projection on the numbers for the Cougs' class of 2014, broken down by position.

As WSU Chief of Staff Dave Emerick said back on Signing Day in the CF.C chat room, the final number always remains in flux over the course of a recruiting year.

With recent offseason attrition, (such as the departures of David Davis, Henry Eaddy, Keith Ewing and Darren Markle,) CF.C projects the Cougs to now be looking to take in the 23-25 range.

If the 2014 number does end up there, CF.C projects the additional scholie spots to be dedicated to the defensive back, linebacker and wide receiver positions.

That would mean defensive backs would be tied with the offensive line as the positions with the most signees with five.

Here's the latest projection:

1 QB
1 RB
3 WR (1 inside, 1 outside, 1 best available)
5 OL
3 DL
4 LB
5 DB
1 and perhaps 2 specialists (kicker & punter)

The defensive secondary this spring has not been particularly crisp, with Saturday's scrimmage the exception, reports CF.C Correspondent Joe Doyle. The Cougs have recruits like corners Daquawn Brown and Charleston White and S Darius Lemora coming in this summer from the 2013 class, but they still need an infusion of talent to build up the ranks in the secondary.

And five bodies in the Class of 2014 would certainly bolster the cause.

Note the receiver position where CF.C projects both an inside and outside receiver -- and then another in the "best available" category. If the Cougs end up at 24 or 25, and with all being equal, the Cougs may use those final two spots as "best available" choices, regardless of position.

Also, that Mike Leach is looking at potentially using scholies for a kicker and punter would seemingly indicate he's feeling fairly good about what he has in the pipeline from the past two classes across the board.

Leach is also looking at more linebackers and more defensive backs, and an equal amount of d-linemen, than he is wide receivers. That's just one more item that has exposed as myth the buzz coming out of Texas Tech two years ago that Leach recruits more to his offense at the expense of the defensive side of the ball.

  • WSU has one known commitment in the 2014 Class, grabbing their quarterback early in the form of Peyton Bender out of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

  • WSU still has a scholie spot they can use against the 2013 numbers, giving them some flexibility between now and fall camp in August if they choose to bring in one more player.

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