SPRING DAY 13: Halliday awaits return to Albi

PULLMAN -- Washington State coach Mike Leach hates the word balance when it comes to describing his offense. But in terms of dividing the roster during Thursday's practice in anticipation of Saturday's scrimmage at Spokane's Joe Albi Stadium, that is exactly what he is seeking.

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Leach said the teams were split as evenly as possible, distributing the 1s and the 2s equally on both squads. Quarterbacks will throw to both squads -- the white and the crimson teams -- and will don the alternate grey jersey this weekend.

The White Teams offensive starters are as follows:
QBs: Austin Apodaca and Connor Halliday
RBs: Teondray Caldwell, Leon Brooks and Theron West
X WR: Dominique Williams
Y WR: Robert Lewis
H WR: Brett Bartolone
Z WR: Gabe Marks
LT: Eduardo Middleton
LG: Niu Sale
C: Elliott Bosch
RG: Matt Goetz
RT: Rico Forbes

The Crimson Team's offensive starters are as follows:
QBs: Austin Apodaca and Connor Halliday
RBs: Marcus Mason and Jeremiah Laufasa
X WR: Isiah Myers
Y WR: Rickey Galvin
H WR: Bobby Ratliff
Z WR: Kristoff Williams
LT: Gunnar Eklund
LG: Joe Dahl
C: Zack Brevick
RG: John Fullington
RT: Jacob Seydel

The White Team's defensive starters are as follows:
RE: Lyman Faoliu
NT: Darryl Paulo
LE: Austin Brown and Jeff Waldner
BUCK: Kache Palacio
WILL: Justin Sagote
MIKE: Jared Byers and Jeremiah Allison
SAM: Eric Oertel
CB: Nolan Washington
FS: Mitchell Peterson
SS: Taylor Taliulu
CB: Rahmel Dockery

The Crimson Team's defensive starters are as follows:
RE: Matt Bock
NT: Moritz Christ
LE: Xavier Cooper
BUCK Ivan McLennan
WILL: Tana Pritchard
MIKE: Darryl Monroe
SAM: Cyrus Coen
CB: Anthony Carpenter
FS: Casey Locker
SS: David Bucannon
CB: Damante Horton

Back on the field, the mood was jovial and players and coaches were noticeably lighter on their feet in anticipation for Spokane Week and the scrimmage. Leach in particular said he believes Spokane weeks represent an opportunity to really catch the region's eye.

"You get that chance to share it with our fans up there in Spokane," Leach said. "Had a great experience last year doing it."

Leach said the entire Spokane week is a recruiting coup for the football program, but jokingly added he wished he could partake in some of the other "festivities."

"They're going to have plenty of other activities up there and those are going to be fun and exciting too," Leach said. "Unfortunately I don't get to take part in those."

Leach said the team expects to run about 80 plays Saturday, but added it's not an exact science. He hopes the 1s and 2s get a majority of the time, but reserves can get in and gain some valuable experience as the scrimmage wears on.

One player who eagerly is anticipating the scrimmage is Ferris High School graduate Connor Halliday. Not having the chance to participate last season because of a liver injury he suffered late in the 2011 season, Halliday said he can't wait to get back out onto Joe Albi stadium to play in front of his loved ones.

"I have a lot of good memories there," Halliday said. "I've broken a couple records, had a couple broken myself. It's really exciting to play where I played for four years of my life."

Halliday said there will be "quite a bunch of Hallidays" in attendance, and added he hopes to put on a big show for the fans.

"We're going to hit some explosive plays for the fans," Halliday said. "Hopefully establish a ground game as well."

While the mood was breezy and light Thursday, it didn't stop some players from breaking out some fighting words. A few warnings were fired.

"You just let everyone know White Team is going to whoop their [behinds]," said sophomore BUCK Kache Palacio. "We're going to get it."

Here are the 1s from Day 13:

QB: Connor Halliday and Austin Apodaca
RB: Teondray Caldwell and Marcus Mason and Theron West
X: Dominique Williams and Isiah Myers
Z: Gabe Marks Kristoff Williams
Y: Brett Bartolone Bobby Ratliff (Several rotations at each WR position)
H: Rickey Galvin and Robert Lewis (Several rotations at each WR position)
LT: Gunnar Eklund
LG: Joe Dahl
C: Elliot Bosch
RG: Matt Goetz
RT: Rico Forbes

LE: Matthew Bock
NT: Darryl Paulo
RE: Xavier Cooper
BUCK: Kache Palacio
SAM: Cyrus Coen
MIKE: Darryl Monroe and occasionally Jeremiah Allison
WILL: Tana Pritchard
CB: Nolan Washington
FS: Casey Locker
SS: Taylor Taliulu
CB: Damante Horton

KR: Rickey Galvin, Leon Brooks and Brett Bartolone
PR: Rickey Galvin and Brett Bartolone

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