Cougar NT cited over the weekend

PULLMAN -- Junior Cougar nose tackle Toni Pole was arrested this weekend for making false statements to the police. Pole was cited and released. Pullman Police had responded earlier in the evening to Pole's residence due to a noise complaint, but returned later in the evening after they determined Pole had given a false name and a false date of birth to the officers.

Pole was arrested at 11:30 p.m. Saturday night according to the Pullman police log. According to Commander Chris Tennant's spokesperson, Pole had to be arrested due to precedent.

"If we can't identify an individual in court, there becomes no case and the officer is liable," said Tennant's spokesperson. Tennant is out of the office all week.

Reached by CF.C, WSU SID Bill Stevens said the issue is "a team matter" and will dealt with internally.

Giving a false name is usually a misdemeanor carrying a maximum penalty of six months in jail, but a jail sentence is rare.

Pole missed most of spring practice with a knee injury, but is expected back this fall at full strength.

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