Black jerseys? Moos weighs in

PULLMAN – Black jerseys? Crimson end zones? Increased capacity at Martin Stadium? WSU Athletic Director Bill Moos is front and center in the rebranding process of Washington State athletics. New jerseys, a new stadium, a new coach, a new football operations building -- it's all part of his grand scheme to overhaul the football program and invigorate the crimson faithful.

In the last year, Moos has finalized approval on the Cougar Football Operations Building and erected plans to completely refashion the indoor practice facility, as well as begun the process of revamping Cougar soccer. And WSU is seeing more money flow in than ever before for Cougar athletics.

When the facilities upgrades are finished, what comes next? Clearly, Moos and the athletics department have a full slate of things on the ‘to-do' list, but that doesn't mean he hasn't started peering into the horizon.

A lot has been said about the potential of black jerseys at Washington State in recent years, and for good reason. Black jerseys have become a major selling point in recent years at several Pac-12 schools. Recruits, quite simply, love them.

Indeed, CF.C over the years has heard from many a recruit who has said uniforms were a part of his decision. You can debate the merits of whether that should be so, but the fact remains: uniforms continue to play a crucial role in recruiting.

Pac-12 schools Oregon, Washington and Stanford have all introduced black uniforms into Saturday's wardrobe possibilities. None of them actually have black in their school's color scheme.

Moos didn't close the door on all things black, but staying true to the Cougs' school colors looks to be a priority for him.

"I think it's awfully important to respect the crimson and gray," Moos said. "We've had some talk about black jerseys in the past, but I think our players are really loving the uniform combinations we've got. Our jerseys have been a hit with recruits in recent years too."

MOOS ALSO EXPANDED his comments further of what he expects to see on the gridiron in 2013 and 2014.

Moos had recently said he expects the Cougs to start winning in 2014. And that also means, he tells CF.C, competing for the Pac-12 North title in ‘14.

But while he's pegged 2014 as the year for Washington State to shine, he says he was in no way saying this season will be a wash.

"Optimistically, a bowl game this season is definitely possible," Moos said. "Six wins… I see it in that schedule. This team is going to be a whole lot better.

"As far as 2014 goes, with the great recruiting classes coming in right now, possibly one of the best ever in Washington State history last year, I expect this team to compete for the Pac-12 North title in 2014."

WHILE A NEW color scheme in the jerseys may not be imminent, changes in Martin Stadium are sure to come.

Crimson end zones have been speculated about ever since the re-sodding of FieldTurf in 2006. While Moos said they're not planned for the 2013 season, they're definitely on the to-do list. "The football operations building has actually cut into the playing surface a little bit, so we won't be able to do it for this season," Moos said. "The expectation is to have crimson end zones for the 2014 season."

THAT MAY NOT be the only addition, Moos said.

"Ideally, we'd like to increase capacity in the coming years, but that all depends on supply and demand," Moos said. "Once the team starts enjoying sustained success and we start seeing consistent sellouts, expanding seating will become an option."

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