The Buzz Board: Summer Solstice Edition

SPORTS AND LOUDMOUTHED jerks often go hand-in-hand. Radio and TV gabbers long ago took the lead for them and those of their ilk, with bluster and incendiary comments cranked on full to pay homage to their demigod – ratings. But what happened this week was truly beyond the pale. With the moment when our hemisphere tilts closest to the sun now just hours away, it's time for the CF.C Buzz Board.

What's up and who's down on Planet Coug
Nick Cellini, Chris Dimino and Steve Shapiro It's only June but this pathetic trio already have a stranglehold on the Asshats of the Year Award. The Atlanta shock-jocks at ESPN's 790 The Zone mocked on air -- in breathtaking fashion -- Steve Gleason and his ALS condition. Gleason, as Cougar Nation learned many years ago, has always been the best-of-the-best off the field and he accepted their apologies with his customary grace. All three were eventually fired and yet, given the amount of hateful dreck they spewed, it doesn't seem like nearly enough.
WSU Facilities The WSU Football Operations Building will be breathtaking in a much different way. A floor-by-floor account from John Johnson, the associate athletic director who oversees construction projects involving Cougars athletics, should have all of Cougar Nation -- and all fans of WSU recruiting -- standing and applauding. If you missed it, CLICK HERE
The recruiting road not taken You never know how a recruit might have turned out had he made a different choice. But JUCO DE Chris Martin, who at the last moment signed with Kansas over WSU, was booted from KU having never played a down following an armed robbery arrest and failing to meet Charlie Weis' conditions after his arrest. Martin, an incredible athlete with a troubled history, may have frittered away his last, umpteenth second chance. What a waste.
WSU Recruiting, Mike Leach style All six known commits in the 2014 WSU class have other BCS offers and once the latest ratings come out sometime this month, the Cougs should make a nice jump in the team rankings on Scout. For the 2013 class arrivals in recent days to WSU, CF.C continues to track and seek definitive word on a remaining few but at the moment, the anticipation continues that everyone expected to be there, is there. What it all means: Mike Leach is getting it done in recruiting, and in more ways than one.
Concussion & CTE Awareness An NFL Hall-of-Famer, Detroit DB Lem Barney, opined football will no longer exist in 10-20 years due to the rise of head trauma. The idea is that parents in increasing numbers won't let their sons play as more light shines on CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). Before you reject the possibility of uber-popular football's demise, consider: Up until around the 1950s, two of the three biggest sports in the United States were… horse racing and boxing. Say, what's their comparative popularity level these days?
The Pac-12 The Pac-12 gets it. When it comes to concussions and CTE preventative measures, the Pac-12 is among the few who are acting – rather than just talking. The Pac-12 will decrease the amount of contact allowed in practice, with exact details to come in late July. For the Cougs, there shouldn't be much difference, if any. Under Leach, as he wrote in Swing Your Sword, WSU already has shorter practices, with less contact, than most schools.
The media on the media USC and Lane Kiffin are taking a media beating this offseason. And a lot of it has to do with media members having been made to look foolish in 2012. Last offseason, they came in droves to praise USC and Kiffin as a national title contender and for how smartly he'd blunted NCAA sanctions. Given that the sanctions' effects hadn't even begun to sting, it was a curious, flawed premise. Then, when USC imploded to 7-6, media members looked even less informed. For these scriveners with a keyboard tearing up Tommy Trojan, how about also saying, "Oh and by the way, I was wrong." But probably not much chance of that.
Bill Moos WSU's Athletic Director -- as last year's and this year's WSU Hall of Fame classes bear out -- has placed keen attention to correcting some egregious HoF oversights over the years. Moos' appreciation and knowledge of the WSU program's history is fast resulting in correcting these oversights. Look for an in-depth CF.C article on this soon.
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