NEWSLINE: Leach expects Cougs to go to a bowl

BILL MOOS MIGHT be talking lower expectations this season for Washington State than he did in 2012, but football head man Mike Leach isn't looking at things quite the same way.

On SiriusXM's College Sports Nation show on Friday, Mike Leach said he sees the 2013 Cougs going bowling.

"I expect this team to go to a bowl," said Leach.

Leach until last year's 3-9 season at Washington State had gone to 10 bowls in 10 years as the head coach of Texas Tech.

"I expect to go to a bowl and I do every year -- I feel good about our group," said Leach.

THE FIRST TWO games should give Leach and Co. a good barometer on his team's resiliency. WSU goes on the road the first two weeks to face Auburn and USC.

"They're really good opportunities and (we'll be) tested early, not only for quality of opponents but by being on the road," said Leach.

Leach also quipped that opening on the road against two vaunted opponents is such a good idea he expects everyone in the Pac-12 to start scheduling in such a manner.

LEACH ALSO SAID the Pac-12 is unique, in the best sense of the word.

It's not a homogeneous product, Leach said, like some of the other football conferences you see where it's run left, middle and right and throw in some play action.

Leach also praised the quality of coaching staffs in the Pac-12.

He added that the Pac-12 is more diverse, top to bottom, in style of play than any other conference or league.

"I think it's the most fascinating conference geographically and then also scheme-wise – not just offensively but I think defensively as well," said Leach.


Moos in early May when asked about the winning prospects for 2013 said he wasn't sure if the Cougs will get to six wins this season but that in Mike Leach's third year, in 2014, is when he sees lasting success being realized.

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