MAPS© Report on the Cougs: Week 7

AFTER WATCHING THE WSU-OSU game, I fully expected to see something emerge this week in the MAPS©. But the results are in, and they're not at all what I envisioned...

I fully expected the MAPS to mostly redeem the Cougars defense, but it did not.

Even after all the offensive mistakes were factored in, what emerged was this: WSU was simply overrun by Sean Mannion and the Beavers.

Consider this: Every OSU drive but one ended in WSU territory.

And the Cougar offense only received field position greater than their own 36-yard line one time during the game.

OSU played on a short field and made the most of it, and they also had four drives of over 70 yards. The final Beaver offense totals were ugly for the Cougs: 598 yards of total offense and an average of 7.4 yards per play.

MEANWHILE, WSU's OFFENSE completely nullified a productive performance for three quarters with all the late game turnovers.

Their MAPS was plus-20 before the botched fake punt. They finished the game at only plus-6.

What's the biggest reveal from the MAPS this week? Simple -- the offensive mistakes were devastating but when you consider the game as a whole, the Cougar defense fared little better.

Oregon: The No. 2 ranked MAPS offense in the conference (UW) finally cracked the Ducks' statistically impenetrable defense, but the Huskies did little to slow Oregon's juggernaut offense. Stanford: Living dangerously finally caught up to the Cardinal. For the past two seasons Stanford has found a way to win almost all of its close games, but not this time. The Cardinal offense simply doesn't generate a lot of points on their own and that was made crystal clear in this week's MAPS.

For more detailed information on MAPS©, (Modified Aggregate Points Scored) click here for the CF.C article.

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