NEW: Did Moos just pull a Namath?

SPOKANE - Bill Moos had a message for Monday's Spokane Cougar Club luncheon: There's nothing about becoming bowl eligible for the first time since 2006 that won't be made better by beating Washington in the Apple Cup on Friday. But then Moos took it a step further…

"And make no mistake," Moos said, taking a momentarily serious turn. "We will go over there and beat the Huskies.

"Hey, it should be a great game. For the first time since 2006 both teams come into this game with winning records."

If the Cougs win, just call him "Broadway Bill" from now on. The smiling Washington State Athletic Director then ran down the various bowl scenarios that will play out over the next week.

"There are seven bowl games that the Pac 12 is contracted with," Moos explained. "First and foremost is the Rose Bowl, and I think every team has getting to the Rose Bowl as their top priority. When Jim Sweeney recruited me, he called me at home in Olympia and told me ‘Now, when you put your head on that pillow, I want you to dream about playing in the Rose Bowl.'"

The next six bowl games, in order of their standing with the league, are the Alamo Bowl (San Antonio), Holiday Bowl (San Diego), Sun Bowl (El Paso), Las Vegas Bowl, Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (San Francisco) and the New Mexico Bowl (Albuquerque). The Pac-12 does not have a rigid selection process, so the No. 5 team in the standings place team might not necessarily end up as the No. 5 bowl selection. And as far as the selection process goes, things have changed over the years, said Moos.

"The thing is, we have more teams in the Pac 12 who are bowl eligible than we have spots at the moment," Moos explained. "Now, here's the thing. When I was the AD at Oregon, it used to be that, after the Rose Bowl, a bowl could pick any team from the conference, so long as they're bowl eligible."

That situation led to teams with better records getting passed over for teams from bigger markets, and Moos pointed to a year in which his team at Oregon was passed over by the Aloha Bowl in favor of a Cal team that had "a sexier coach."

"We got rid of that finally and made it so teams went to bowls based on place, not pick," he said. "Now, they've changed it a little since then, but that may work to our benefit a little. Now the bowl can skip a team and take the next team down.

"We get a big win over the Huskies Friday and with all the excitement that's building around the program, that could happen."

ESPECIALLY, HE POINTED out, for the Sun Bowl and New Mexico Bowl.

"That's West Texas, even Albuquerque," Moos said. "There are probably 1,500 or 2,000 (Texas Tech) Red Raiders fans who will buy tickets and go to that game just because they love Mike Leach and want to come see his new team."

It seems unlikely from our chair, but Moos said another factor that could play out in the Cougars' favor would be if a second Pac-12 team were to be picked to play in a BCS bowl game, thereby taking them out of the Pac-12's contractually obligated bowl tie-ins.

MOOS SAID it occurred to him during his drive to the luncheon on Monday morning that good things generally happen in the Apple Cup in the twos and threes.

"I still remember being part of the team that did the dance on Sonny Sixkiller in 1972," he said. "I was a Cougar co-captain and I still remember accepting the Apple Cup trophy from Governor Dan Evans. And then in 1973, went over to Husky Stadium and flat took it to them. The final score was 52-26 and that's still the record for largest margin of victory."

Moos said Sweeney came into the locker room at halftime and asked if the Cougars should let up a little.

"I said ‘Coach, those are the frickin' Huskies," Moos laughed – admitting that he used a more forceful word than ‘frickin' at the time. "The coach, the old Irishman, said ‘Oh yeah, what was I thinking.'"

Moos said he had just been hired by the Cougar Club when the 3-8 Cougars pulled off the 24-20 win over the Huskies as kicker Chuck Nelson missed a field goal.

"These days Chuck Nelson runs the Washington Athletic Club and I stay there a couple times a year," Moos said. "And I always ask him if his toe still hurts."

Then, with a sheepish grin on his face, he admitted that he really doesn't. "I have more class than that," he laughed.

MOOS SAID ONE of his first jobs at Washington State was to clean up outside Martin Stadium, picking up travel brochures that had been printed up for Husky fans anticipating a trip to the Rose Bowl that season – hopes that were happily dashed by the Cougs.

"But then the next year at Husky Stadium, when they were once more favored to go to the Rose Bowl," he said. "The travel agents were once again outside the stadium with their brochures. That year we ran a whole lot of Kerry Porter at them and won that game.

Bowl game tickets already are on sale through the Cougar Athletic Fund, said Moos. He also quickly ran through the 2014 football schedule, which Moos said features seven home games, six of them in Pullman.

"We play Rutgers in Seattle at Century Link the Friday before Labor Day, and that's the only game in the nation that day," he said. Note: Moos may have meant to say Thursday. The game was originally scheduled for that Friday but it was announced on the official WSU site last month that the game has been moved to Thursday, Aug. 28.)

Rutgers will be playing in its debut season in the Big Ten next season.

"We don't know the order of our home games (Pullman) next season – that won't be finalized until the end of December," Moos said. "But we do know who we play: We have Portland State coming in for a non-conference game, and for Pac12 teams, we have Arizona, USC, California, Oregon and Washington.

"People say to me ‘Hey, I thought you wanted to play a conference game in Seattle every year.' No, I wanted these schools to come to Pullman and see what we're building here."

Throughout his years in the Pac-8, Pac-10 and now the Pac-12, the gold standard for programs in the conference always has been USC, Moos said.

"And this year, I think it's important to point out that our football program, our volleyball and our women's soccer program all beat USC," he said.

The Apple Cup kicks off at 12:30 p.m. at Husky Stadium. The game is being televised by FOX.

MOOS WAS ALSO asked about the men's basketball team, which suffered a heartbreaking last-second loss to TCU Sunday after being blown out of the gym against then-No. 13 Gonzaga.

"I will say this: Cougar men's basketball is going to be worth watching, one way or another," Moos said. "I like Ken Bone and I know he and his staff are working hard – nobody wants to win more than they do."

But, Moos said, he did not roll Bone's contract over with an automatic extension.

"And that's a hint," he said.

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