BrEAKING BaD for Cougs in Albuquerque

OKAY, LET'S BE clear. If you haven't watched the AMC series Breaking Bad, you should. It ranks as one of the most captivating TV shows of all time. Also, watching it will put you in the club of WSU fans who are thrilled with the New Mexico Bowl destination for the Cougs because Albuquerque is the home of Breaking Bad, and that means fans now have a good excuse to track down Walter's old haunts.

Albuquerque, you see, was far more than just the studio sound stage home of Breaking Bad. It was the on-location-in-a-very-big-way type of home. Walter, Jesse, Saul, Mike and the gang made the rounds in and around Albuquerque. It's part of what made the show memorable.

So as the Cougar Nation prepares to head south for the Dec. 21 game against Colorado State, we say forget the usual tourist stuff and head out in search of Breaking Bad.

Below is a very random photo gallery of some of the places that had roles in the show.

And here are a few links to help start the Breaking Bad tour planning process ...

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