NEWSWIRE: Conley's recruitment one of a kind

THERE IS STILL only one athlete to win championship rings in two of the four major American sports -- Gene Conley, who starred at Washington State before his one-of-a-kind professional career. But plenty of schools went to extreme lengths to try and keep him from going to WSU. Indeed, if you think recruiting is crazy now, Conley's recruiting story dwarfs just about anything out there.

If it happened in today's world, twitter would be set ablaze. There would be investigations galore feeding the 24-hour news cycle, undoubtedly followed by any number of firings and resignations.

Conley had decided on Washington State and was on campus, says the article in But before he could register for classes, three students came to the campus barracks where Conley was sleeping and abducted him to Moscow. The next morning, a man Conley believed was an Idaho football coach tried to talk him out of going to Washington State, offering him a car, his brother a car, and money from a slot machine operation if he would instead go to Idaho.

"I got kidnapped," Conley says in the article. "It was a shyster deal. I didn't like Idaho too much and wanted to go to a bigger school."

Conley called his father, who threatened to call the police and Conley eventually was returned to Pullman.

Idaho wasn't alone. Practically every school in the Pacific Coast Conference interfered with Conley's enrollment at WSU, the article says, several receiving fines for tampering.

You can read the complete article HERE.

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