NEWSLINE: USA Today assigns WSU a grade of...

WHAT GRADE DID you assign the 2013 Cougars? USA Today has issued their end-of-the-season football grades for every team in the FBS including Washington State...

The Cougs get a B-plus from the newspaper.

From the Pac-12, the paper assigned ASU an A, Stanford, UCLA and USC an A-minus, and Washington State, Washington, Arizona and Oregon a B-plus.

Other Pac-12 teams' grades were Oregon State (C-plus); Colorado (C); Utah (C-minus); California (D-minus).

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In another metric from the newspaper, a re-ranking each week throughout the season, Washington State climbed from 87th to 73rd over the course of the season.

In Jeff Sagarin's final rankings, the Cougs finished with the fifth toughest schedule in the nation. The five toughest slates are occupied by Pac-12 teams. Sagarin ranked Stanford's schedule as the toughest, ASU at No. 2, Utah No. 3 and California as No. 4.

Sagarin also ranked WSU at No. 40 in his final overall rating. Notables just below the Cougs include in Sagarin's poll include Virginia Tech (43rd); Michigan (44th) and Miami (49th).

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