VISIT: 3-star prospect feeling the WSU vibe

DEFENSEMAN PATRICK CHOUDJA was resolute before his visit this weekend to Washington State: he wasn't going to make his commitment until February's Signing Day. And Choudja was very surprised by what WSU defensive line coach Joe Salave'a had to say regarding that.

"All the coaches were great, they were all cool -- my favorite coach was the d-line coach," said Choudja. "Basically (Joe Salave'a) was telling me go take all your trips and to go wherever makes you happy. Hopefully it will be with us but if not, no hard feelings. And that's why I really liked him, because he was keeping it real with me.

"It kind of surprised me because all the other coaches, they'll tell you, they'll BS with you and tell you what they think you want to hear…come here because other schools don't have this like we do and all that… and (Salave'a) wasn't like that, he just kept it real with me."

OUT OF Oakley, Calif., said his weekend in Pullman made an impact.

"It was a very good visit," said the Freeman High product. "It's a college town, you walk around and a lot of people are saying ‘Go Cougs!' It was great.

"They made a nice impression on me… I felt their vibe," said Choudja. "It was a good family atmosphere. It was all really great. The weather was a little different but everything was great. I'll go home and talk with my coach, break things down and see where it goes from there."

Choudja said the Cougs will be by for an in-home visit Monday or Tuesday, as will Nevada. Boise State and Fresno State will be coming by during the week as well.

CHOUDJA AS A senior racked up 81 tackles, with an eye-raising 39 tackles-for-loss. The 6-4, 230-pounder said the Cougs are see him as a potential d-end/BUCK/outside linebacker.

"So a lot of rush-rush, two-point stance, three-point stance, drop on the flat, play the curl…" said Choudja. "(Salave'a) said they have bodies but…not enough depth, so they need players like me to come in."

Choudja said he'll trip to Boise State next weekend followed by Fresno State on the final official visit weekend before Signing Day.

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