Coug 2014 WR crop illustrates age-old dilemma

IN PERUSING THE WSU commit list, one position grouping in particular nicely illustrates that age-old recruiting dilemma – what to do if you're set numbers-wise at a position but then a really great-looking prospect comes along. Okay, but what if two come along? In looking at the wideouts who will or have already come on board at Washington State, it's clear which way the Cougs went.

Back in December, the remaining recruiting emphasis for WSU was on both lines and on the defensive backs. Meanwhile, Washington State at wide receiver looked pretty well set at that juncture with four: Calvin Green, Zaire Andre, Keith Harrington and Ronald Monroe, all of whom rated three stars.

So what do you do when a Sebastian LaRue comes along?

Right, you take him. It's a no-brainer. Numbers be damned.

Okay, so what happens if a Barry Ware then also comes along?

That's a no-brainer too -- Ware is a rare athlete at 6-3 and when he says he wants to be a Cougar, from this chair, you roll out the welcome mat.


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IN LOOKING BACK at how this recruiting class unfolded, it seems clear from this chair that Washington State never intended to take six receivers this class. It turns out that number just went to five as of last night, with reports that Ronald Monroe has decommitted because he wants to play QB at the next level.

But the central point remains, back when the Cougs had six WRs, and as of this morning when it appears they have five -- when a special recruit comes along, despite (our projection that) numbers and needs having been met, you don't turn him away.

BARRING ANY further movement, the quintet also looks to be coming into an ideal situation. After this upcoming season, the Cougs will graduate four scholarship wide receivers (Vince Mayle, Kristoff Williams, Isiah Myers and Rickey Galvin.) So it makes sense WSU in this class was looking to take four.

And by bringing them in now, that allows for the five to come into Washington State and get some experience, to gain critical exposure in WSU's system over the course of the coming year. And after this season, when those seniors are done, you have some bright young talent ready and waiting – so you don't have to play freshmen. If they play, it's because they're well ahead of the curve.

And that's pretty much textbook when it comes to how recruiting, ideally, should work.

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