How does WSU class measure up?

SCOUT.COM NATIONAL RECRUITING ANALYST Brandon Huffman has spent more than a year evaluating and reporting on the 2014 recruiting crop out West. A couple of days before Signing Day, and assuming everything stays pretty much the same on the WSU commit list, we asked him to pore over the listing of future Cougars and lend his view on a number of areas regarding the 2014 WSU class.

COUGFAN.COM: What's the big takeaway from the class overall?

Huffman: The Cougars did a good job of picking up players at the skill positions. A lot of good corners and a nice balance of running backs and receivers.

COUGFAN.COM: How would you say they did in the areas of size, speed?

Huffman: Size wise, they did well, with three pure tackles in the class. Speed, this class has it. Two of their skill guys, Keith Harrington and Calvin Green are burners.

COUGFAN.COM: What position group(s) did they do the strongest in, what position group(s) do you think they fell short in?

Huffman: They did a great job at corner, with four of them, including one, a JC prospect, who may be needed to play right away. They also did well at tackle, with three of them.

They needed more inside depth on the offensive line, some more bulk and bodies at the guard and center position.

COUGFAN.COM: Best get?

Huffman: Calvin Green was beginning to blow up in his recruitment and I think he's a steal for the Cougs, but also a great addition. He'll bring a speed that the Pac-12 doesn't see much.

COUGFAN.COM: Biggest sleeper?

Huffman: Jalen Canty is still somewhat of a sleeper, since he was known more for his basketball ability than his football ability. He'll have to adjust against comparable competition, but he's got a high ceiling.

COUGFAN.COM: Immediate impact?

Huffman: Ngalu Tapa is probably best suited and most physically ready to play right away.

COUGFAN.COM: Which coaches did a noteworthy job out on the recruiting road and why?

Huffman: Joe Salava'ea is the best recruiter on the staff, but Eric Russell, Mike Breske and Dennis Simmons have all done a terrific job on the recruiting trail.

COUGFAN.COM: How would you rate the class as compared to the rest of the Pac-12?

Huffman: It may be in the lower half of the conference, but it's still a strong class with a lot of needs being filled.

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