Recruiting Analyst weighs in on WSU class

IF ONE IS good, then two must be better. Yesterday we brought you Brandon Huffman's view of the WSU class and today,'s Greg Biggins weighs in. Biggins notes the Cougs won many a Pac-12 recruiting battle this recruiting cycle - and he likes how WSU's class shapes up. What position groups does Biggins like most? Read on for that and more...

COUGFAN.COM: What's the big takeaway from the class overall?

Biggins: I like the class and they won a lot of Pac 12 battles with other programs in the conference. They filled some needs and have some players I think can come in and make an early impact.

COUGFAN.COM: How would you say they did in the areas of size, speed?

Biggins: Size wise, they did very well up front on both sides of the line. I think speed at the skill positions was solid, maybe not overwhelming as there isn't a guy that blows you away speed wise but very good football players none the less.

COUGFAN.COM: What position group(s) did they do the strongest in, what position group(s) do you think they fell short in?

Biggins: I like their WR and corner position groups quite a bit. Barry Ware is one of the top big receivers in the West and has unlimited upside and Calvin Green is an explosive kid who can stretch the field. At corner, Sulaiman Hameed is a major sleeper and Kevin Griffin is a tough, physical kid who knows the game very well.

COUGFAN.COM: Best get?

Biggins: Ngalu Tapa is a guy I think can make an immediate impact. He's one of the most dominant lineman in the region and a natural pass rusher.

COUGFAN.COM: Biggest sleeper?

Biggins: Jalen Canty is the big sleeper for me. He's a massive kid with athleticism, a great motor and a very high ceiling.

COUGFAN.COM: Immediate impact players?

Biggins: (Besides Tapa), Squally Canada is another player I think can come in and play early and linebacker. Greg Hoyd is one of the more athletic players at his position in the region.

COUGFAN.COM: Which coaches did a noteworthy job out on the recruiting road and why?

Biggins: The coaches I heard mentioned quite a bit were Coach Simmons, Yost and Salave'a. All three seem to connect well with the players, work hard on the recruiting trail and had some success closing and winning some Pac 12 battles.

COUGFAN.COM: How would you rate the class as compared to the rest of the Pac-12?

Biggins: I think the Cougs may finish in the bottom third of the conference, but that doesn't mean they didn't do well. It could end up a top 50 class nationally, they filled a lot of needs with some solid impact players and balance all across the board.

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