What They're Saying: I am outraged!

THE NCAA FOOTBALL RULES COMMITTEE has done the impossible - they've united the coaching fraternity and the media. What's next, a smiling Mike Leach handing out injury reports? The proposed rules change allowing defenses 10 seconds to substitute before an offense can snap the ball has met with near-universal indignation. But we also found a few scribes peering around the other side of the fence…

No, the rules committee isn't banning no-huddle offense, as some fans have wildly concluded, and it isn't stifling tempo...The tangible benefit here for defenses is merely gaining the ability to substitute on its terms.
- Teddy Mitrosilis, Fox Sports

...The "nay" reaction on this proposal has been full of needless hyperbole and, in some cases, hypocrisy. The latter is particularly directed at coaches who decry this but also benefit every day from the seismic rules changes that revolutionized the passing game in the 1970s and 1980s. This isn't the end of the world, and people ought to stop acting as if it is.
Matt Daley, SB Nation

Quarterbacks initiating a snap count at 30 seconds — then not actually snapping the ball until 3 seconds — borders on ridiculous. Why does it happen? Because offensive coordinators want to assess a defense from the sixth story of a press box. Is that consistent with the spirit of football? I don't think so.
-Dirk Chatelain, Omaha.com

Given the increased awareness surrounding the long-term health of football players, shouldn't people at least look into the possible injury risks of no-huddle offenses? The experts have an answer: Yes, very much so... The people who study this stuff for a living believe Saban and Bielema make a valid point. But before pushing for any changes, they need more data to prove it.
- Stewart Mandel, SI.com

The belief here isn't that college teams play too fast. It's that college games last so long...The difference is the clock...But t gets ridiculous when — again referencing the Auburn-Missouri SEC title tilt — two hurry-up teams run 156 plays, score 111 points, gain 1,211 yards … and the whole thing takes nearly four hours.
- Mark Bradley, Atlanta Journal Constitution

Coaching is a brotherhood and a noble profession. I would hope there are not those in our business who would sneak behind everyone else's back and try to get something passed without the others in the profession having the opportunity to be heard.
- Mike Leach, commenting on Twitter about reports Nick Saban and Bret Bielema were in the room for the rules committee discussion that produced the 10-second proposal.

It's a reaction to the success of Auburn and Texas A&M, clearly. So rather than innovate defensively and re-spawn defensively, it's like -- and this is the lowest level of bureaucracy that exists in football -- it's like rather than adapt our teams or coach our teams, what we're going to try to do instead is invent a rule.
- Mike Leach II, because he's just so darned quotable sometimes.

So when you are down 21 points and every second counts, you can stand and watch time slip away because you can't hike the ball. That seems right. Hopefully someone comes to their senses and kills this one before it becomes a rule.
- Mike Parsons, Florida Today

Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi has been among the best in the nation at slowing down these hyper-speed offenses. If he can do it, why can't other coordinators?
- Tom Dienhart, BTN.com

... This sounds like a rule-change proposed in the name of safety that cares little about safety and more about protecting coaches who liked football the way it used to be played. And besides, if more plays is a greater risk of injury, wouldn't it make more sense just to shorten the game?
- Nate Scott, USA Today

I'm not sure this change, if approved, would be any remedy. I'm not sure there's even a problem, despite the complaints raised by the likes of Alabama's Nick Saban and Arkansas' Bret Bielema that hurry-up tactics pose a health risk to defenders. (A vocational risk to defensive coordinators, perhaps.)
- Mark Bradley, Atlanta Journal Constitution

I can tell you without any doubt whatsoever that the sport would not be as popular -- probably not nearly so -- if everyone ran Alabama's or, yes, Stanford's offense.
- Ted Miller, ESPN

Player safety now is the default explanation to rationalize messing up the game. It's annoying to hear the sport's decision-makers pretend to have parental concern for their "student-athletes" when their motivations are much deeper.
- Jerri Brewer, Seattle Times

So, if you want to continue watching high-octane offenses move at the speed of light, write a letter to your Senator, complain about it on Twitter, bitch, moan, whine, because if enough people don't like it, the NCAA will adjust. Look no further than the proposed changes to the targeting rule.
- Hale McGranahan, CUTigers.com

The only thing risking injury in an up tempo football game is the defense's pride! Nut up, it's football!
- Bob Stitt, Head Coach, Colorado School of Mines on Twitter

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