BRESKE: Cougs competing all spring semester

THE CONCEPT IS not new, you hear coaches talk about it all the time. Yet a lot of those times, it's just lip service. But in talking to WSU defensive coordinator Mike Breske, the spring semester at Washington State under head man Mike Leach will decidedly be all about one thing: ongoing competition, day in and day out, on and off the field.

The will be no football games held this spring semester, but there will be loads of competition and it will take many different forms, Mike Breske told

The Cougar roster was broken down to 16 teams, a captain was selected and he chose the players on his team. Every team has players from the offense and defense on it.

One of those teams won the tug-of-war that served as the finale to Midnight Maneuvers, although Breske couldn't recall who all was on it.

"It's a team, made up off all different guys… What Mike Leach does with these competition teams, they compete all semester.. they compete for points – and academically they compete for points, that's based on grades. There's lots of competition that goes on," said Breske.

Just like the Rise Up Board on the sidelines at Cougar games, a team can lose points too.

"It's a running total all the way through the semester… it's all about competition -- winning and losing," said Breske.

And yes, at semester's end, the victors will enjoy some spoils, though Breske declined to detail what those might be, (a few of our guesses were plaques, trophies or perhaps NIKE gear.)

Midnight Maneuvers, the grueling two-week, eight session event held out on the Palouse each February under Leach, is also part and parcel of that same underlying concept -- competition, said Breske.

We'll have more from Breske, focusing in on the recently completed Midnight Maneuvers session, tomorrow on CF.C.

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