Opening date set on WSU Football Ops Bldg.

HYDROTHERAPY HAS BECOME a crucial component for Cougar football. It's a way to help athletes recover faster, and reduce muscle pain and soreness after two-a-days, game competition and intense workouts. There are four state of the art pools in the new WSU Football Operations Building and they all have one thing in common.

"They are all cold tubs," said WSU associate athletic director John Johnson, filling in for Bill Moos earlier this week on Moos' weekly radio show.

Johnson said the pools won't be hot tubs, as cold water hydrotherapy benefits have been shown to be substantial in recent years.

"All the pools are in, a little bit difficult and had to take a wall out but that happens once in a while. But there are actually four pools, one in the locker room and three in the training room," said Johnson.

THERE IS ALSO a move-in date that's been set.

"The completion date is May 19, that's when we'll get the keys to it and start moving furniture in.

The exterior of the building is now complete, as are the bulk of things on the to-do list.

"First two floors are complete, locker room is complete, doing last minute work on branding and signage," said Johnson.

THE TECHNOLOGY in the building was described by Johnson as "high end, cutting edge."

WSU coaches, on any TV in the building, "can pull down video from any game, any opponent, any play, down and distance, where on the yard-line," said Johnson.

There will be 49 multi-purpose TV systems in the building.

"Whatever you can buy at the most high-end video places are what we have in there," said Johnson.

JOHNSON SAID after May 19, they will probably take 30 days before opening it up completely to the public, though the Hall of Fame area could be open earlier.

"It's going to really be a showpiece for our athletic program," said Johnson.

Johnson also said the plan is to install new turf in Martin Stadium this summer.

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