NEWSLINE: Trying season for Bone's family too

HOW KEN BONE and Washington State fared on the basketball court this season has been well chronicled. What's not as well known is what happened behind the scenes. CF.C's Michael Dugar penned this piece for the Murrow News Service that provides a window into that world.

It's apparent from the article, the Bone family is close. Nearly every photograph in his office is of his family. And this lost season for the Cougs was difficult not just for Bone, but also for his wife and three daughters.

Bone has avoided reading the articles about him being on the hot seat this season, or negative reports about his team. His wife and three daughters have also tried to stay away, with varying success. But in good times and bad, Bone's values outside of basketball have remained the same for the 30 years he's been coaching...

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